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Podcast with Hayward on the Allegations of Bribery at AEI

I just finished a podcast with Steve Hayward regarding the recent allegations made in London’s Guardian that AEI is bribing scientists to "undermine" a report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Since that article came out, things have gotten truly silly, with four U.S. Senators, Democrats all, writing a letter to AEI President Christopher DeMuth expressing "very serious concerns" about AEI’s activities. DeMuth’s response, as well as related materials, can be found here.

As Hayward explains in the podcast, this is all much ado about nothing.

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If 10k "buys" science, how much science did the Heinz Foundation purchase when they gave a leading Global Warm-monger a quarter million? Is Al Gore’s Oscar a bribe, too?

And what damn business is it of politicians what AEI does? If you want to see the true "politicization of science", read this letter from Rockefeller & Snowe to Exxon . It reads like a letter from bin Laden to convert..or else!

The Weather Channel, who still have trouble with local forecasts, tornado warnings and accurate hurricane season forecasts want me to believe their 100-yr. forecasts. They want to decertify weathermen who will not join the True Faith. 60 Minutes won’t air dissent, calling them ’Holocaust-Deniers’. Senators issue cease-and-desist Free Speech orders to private entities. If this "science" is so obvious, why the need to silence all opposition?

This isn’t science. It’s a damn cult. A Cult of Control. More taxes, more regulation, more loss of sovereignty, more bossing people around. And above all, the Theocratic Impulse in which all dissent must be crushed for the Received Truth.

I had the same initial reaction as Noel...$10k is not very much money considering the stake big oil has in this. Besides, their money would be better spent fighting the PR war. This report basically is the end of the science battle...and its game over for the "Global Warming Isn’t Real/Global Warming isn’t due to human activity" crowd.

"Much ado about nothing" may be true substantively, but politics is not about the merits. Hopefully AEI will fight this hard, not shrug it off.

Hey Abbie, what report are you referring to? I’ve yet to see anything that could be construed as "open-and-shut" on GW.

First, the AEI has a record of intellectual integrity that dwarves that of the Heinz Foundation, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and "Sciences" and the UN’s. It’s like comparing apples to a good apple beer buzz.

Mark Steyn: "In evaluating industrial impact, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change used GDP estimates based on exchange rates rather than purchasing power: As a result, they assume by the year 2100 that not only South Africans but also North Koreans will have a higher per capita income than Americans. That’s why the climate-change computer models look scary. That’s how "solid" the science is: It’s predicated on the North Korean economy overtaking the United States."

Yet these same ColorfulNatives(tm) who must overtake the US economy in order to validate Global warming predictions will also be expected to remain unemployed under the strictures of a Global Warming no-growth regime. They will be kept in Third World petting zoos so Western Liberals can feel good about themselves. If the choice is a Madagascarian dying at fifty or a Manhattanite contracting a debilitating case of Low Self-Esteem, guess who’s gotta go?

Liberals to LittleBrownPeople(tm): "You want a better life? Get adopted by a Movie Star."

The last time Liberals went on the environmental rampage, millions of people lost their lives. Rachel Carson got more people killed with DDT bans than Stalin did with famines and purges. But she meant well--and that’s the important thing. Or as Joni Mitchell sang: "Hey, farmer, famer, put away that DDT. Give me spots on my Africans but gimme the birds and the bees!". I quote from blessed memory.

This is a Full-Emloyment Act for Kofi Annan’s nephews--and a Full-Unemployment Act for the rest of Africa. Chirac explained it best: "Pass Kyoto or you’ll get a Carbon Tax." In other words, if we pass Kyoto, we’ll get a Carbon Tax. If we don’t pass Kyoto, we’ll get a Carbon Tax. Either way, we get taxed.

This "Holocaust Denial"-business is an outrage. It manages both unfairly to smear skeptics while at the same time diminishing the true crimes against the Jews. If we’re gonna go all Godwin-y, it is the skeptics who are being silenced, smeared and threatened with losing their jobs by a New Scientific Regime. Sound familiar?

ps: Mr. Hayward calls it a "Climate Inquisition".

"Holocaust-Denier" climate skeptics must be marginalized, ignored and silenced, say the Senators--yet when they run up on a real, live, Honest-to-God Holocaust-Denier like Ahmadinajad, they insist that we simply MUST "talk to him" and "try to see his point of view". Funny how that works.

David Frisk writes: "’Much ado about nothing’ may be true substantively, but politics is not about the merits." Funny, no one writing on this board seems to have entertained this conclusion in regard to Joe Knippenberg’s shameless hack attack on Pelosi’s purportedly reprehensible use of an airplane. A comment on that post reads that these posts are all about "fighting the Left." Funny, I would have thought that there would be some interest in and commitment to truth. People like Knippenberg should be ashamed - he once had a fine and balanced mind, but I think his excitement at having instant and fawning readers has impaired his better judgment.

Dain, the report I mentioned is the UN report that the AEI is allegedly being bribed to undermine. The first 20 pages were released last Friday; the next several thousand pages of science supporting their conclusions in the first 20 pages will come out over the course of 2007. There is a great NY Times article about it in the Feb 3, 2007 paper if you have lexis access.

Noel, that is exactly the PR I am talking about, you’ve single handedly defeated thousands of leading climate scientists by making fun of Angelina Jolie adopting a foreign baby! Bravo. Maybe for a second act you can eliminate the trade deficit by lampooning Bill O’Reilly’s unusual interest in loofahs and Middle Eastern sandwiches.

All that scientific evidence might say something like the earth has been warming over the last couple of hundred years due to human pollution. Though they probably won’t mention that the world was coming out of a "little ice age" right at the end of that period. They also might not say that the earth is perpetually going through these cycles irregardless of men.

C’mon, Soc--step away from the hemlock. Speaking as resident bomb-thrower, Mr. Knippenberg’s mild jibes hardly qualify as vicious hackery.

Ms. Pelosi promised us the most fiscally-responsible, enviromentally-conscious and ethical Congress EVER--even more ethical than those ’lives, fortunes and sacred honor’-guys! I think it’s reasonable for the Speaker to have non-stop flights, but she seems to want full-on Air Force One treatment, complete with travel for her, her friends, her dog-walker, her Feng Shui-consultant and complete with open bar, hot-tub and disco lighting.

Even little kerfuffles can be instructive, though. Her first resort was the ridiculous claim that she was being picked on because she’s a girl. Then she blamed Rumsfeld’s desk. And Murtha disgracefully threatened the military’s budget.

Remember how Newt was savaged for not wanting to use the back-door of Air Force One? Well, Nancy wants her own Air Force One. It’s over the top.

Besides, if we give her this, as third in line, Senator Byrd will demand a troop of Hannibal’s elephants and a phalanx of Carthegenian slave boys to travel back and forth to West Virginia.

Socrates, you dishonor your nom de plume with your remarks concerning Joe Knippenberg. Perhaps your daimon told you not to say what you did, but you overrode it? At the very least the original had a much better sense of irony than you exhibit.

thousands of leading climate scientists

The American Meterological Society has 11,000 members. It’s membership is open to ’professors’, ’students’, and ’weather enthusiasts’. How many do you suppose are ’leading’?

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