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Saletan on Gay Sheep

Here’s Saletan’s report on something else that may have been going on on Brokeback Mountain. If studies end up demonstrating conclusively (as is very likely) that homosexuality is partly natural or genetic (like almost everything else human it’s surely partly conventional too), should we genetically engineer it out of existence? Would that be an assault on human diversity and human culture? An attack on the opportunity to practice a special kind of virtue? Or an alleviation of cruel human misery? Or should we make everyone a homoesexual as the final stage of our project to separate sex from reproduction in the pursuit of health and safety?

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That’s why I love reading Saletan - logical conclusions.

Of course in real life there will be no such repercussions. If we’ve learned anything from the evolution debate (let alone the global warming debate) it’s that science is powerless in the face of opinion.

Shame though, because it would be tremendous fun to watch the fundamentalists trying to choose between their desire to rid the world of homosexuals and their distaste of genetic science.

There was an article I read a few months ago on a study done in Europe on a few different kinds of animal species, noting homosexuality in several of them.

I check in here from time to time (as I assume other Ashbrook graduates do), and I saw this "Daniel K." guy. I’m not sure if it matters, but I want to make it clear that he is not the Dan Kubiak that graduated from AU as part of the class of 2002. He is some other guy - not me.

Honestly, Mr. Kubiak, I had been worrying about just that issue. Thanks for clearing that up.

Oh my gosh... I’m not Daniel Kubiak? I better get new checks printed up!

Just kiddin’. Maybe I better come up with a different handle - I don’t want to put words into Kubiak’s mouth.

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