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Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland "had a message for President Bush: any plan to relocate thousands of refugees uprooted by the Iraq war to the United States shouldn’t include Ohio."

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Hum, no indications about his motivations though it is probably financial. Still, maybe this will spark a much needed debate about Muslim immigration to this country. Islam and liberal western democracy do not get along, but we act surprised when Muslims use their liberal rights for illiberal ends...

Anyone know why they’d want to come to Ohio?

Well, three cheers for Strickland! If Democrats keep acting like this, woe unto the GOP.

Why do we assume that all these refugees would be Muslims? As I understand, a big chunk of Iraq’s Christian population has left Iraq, or would like to.

It needs to be recalled that a good chunk of the Christian population in Palestine has been overtly PRO-Palestinian, and anti-Israeli. So just because these people may be Christian, {which I doubt...} doesn’t necessarily mean that they are anti-jihadi. Generations of dhimmi status has created a situation like the Stockholm syndrome obtaining. They shouldn’t be allowed in the country. The very idea only reveals the more how far George Bush is from common sense. This idea is as ridiculous as the Dubai Ports deal.

ALL muslim movement to this country, and especially to Western Europe needs to cease. Muslims are waging jihad through demographics just as they wage it with the browning and the bomb. There is FAR more to jihad then just waving a Kalshinikov around. CAIR is waging jihad. Accepting welfare from Western European societies is waging jihad, because that money is weakening those societies, it deprives those societies of money, [even though it’s apparently a minor extent on the individual basis} and helps to sponsor a society of helplessness and dependency. Gang rape is part of jihad. That’s why we’re seeing more of it in places like Australia, Scandinavia. The legal challenges that muslims are making to profiling is likewise, JIHAD. Because jihad is the total approach to reducing an enemy, on and off the battlefield, immigration policy needs to be understood through the prism of our larger war effort. The absolute last thing we should do is continue to allow muslims to enter this country.

About a month ago, Professor Victor Davis Hanson mentioned this. He said that we should cease allowing muslim students to study in this country. His reasoning was slightly different than mine, but the solution was similar.

All of those little meetings between Prince Bandar and his family, {Bandar Bush...} and the Bush clan have effectively paralyzed the members of the Bush family understanding islam. They view islam through the urbane sophistication of Bandar Bush. When instead they should view islam through your typical "mainstream" preacher. That gives one a far more accurate read of the situation, the lay of the land.

We have to sharply distinguish muslim immigration, {whereby muslims wage demographic and cultural jihad} from all other immigration. We can’t allow the issue of Mexican immigration to blur our policies on muslim immigration. I’ve no problem with Mexican immigration. The numbers are somewhat problematic, {2 million per annum}, and the fact that we’ve allowed the idea of the melting pot to collapse under the nonsense of political correctness and multiculturalism is equally problematic. BUT THAT’S NOTHING compared to jihad. Muslims are, let’s be blunt, they’re conquering Europe through insane immigration policies. That’s what’s going on. Mark Steyn’s book is horrifying. I had to put it down, it’s too damn depressing.

And there is too much American happy talk that what’s going on over there, couldn’t happen here. That Europeans failed to integrate muslims, but that we’ve been successful in doing so. That’s utter nonsense. We haven’t integrated them. Take a look at the number of muslim applicants for the FBI, CIA and the DEA. That kind of gives one a clue about the eagerness of American muslims to defend the country........which is effectively non-existent.

What we’re going to see happen in Europe over the next three decades will be apocalyptic. God help ’em.

Oh yeah. Just like those Vietnamese back in the War in Vietnam deal ... look how poorly that worked out. What? You mean, all those hard-working, America-loving, prosperity-producing Vietnamese who have given America boat-loads (no pun intended) of benefits, from Vietnamese food to forgiveness for abandoning them in their hour of need.

Geez. The depth to which these politicians will sink. Bottomless.

It makes you want to wear a gas mask when you walk into the voting polls.

If Strickland’s point is one of security and keeping out undesirables (I rather doubt it -- his aim seems to be to score cheap political points) it’s all to indicative of the Democrat approach to the post-9/11 world. Strickland wants to use 7,000 refugees as yet another albatross to hang around Bush’s neck. Democrats seem to believe that they can oppose the war--but still "support" the troops (natch)--and pin every bad outcome of said war on Bush, all the while deny all responsibility for their words and actions. As if this is solely Bush’s war, not the USofA’s war, and as if the entire country will not be humiliated and defeated, just one particular President or party.

Don’t be a twit. We’re talking about jihad, not Vietnamese tossed about on the wave of history. And for the record, I SUPPORTED TAKING IN EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE VIETNAMESE, JUST LIKE I SUPPORTED taking in EVERY single one of those children left rotting in refugee camps along the Thai/Cambodian/Vietnam border. And I supported that policy BECAUSE of the underlying moral claims.

But the situation that obtained then, doesn’t obtain now. And the Vietnamese who fled DID fight, and many fought gloriously and gallantly for their freedom. And one day that story will be told. The slur upon the honour of the Vietnamese people will be wiped clean by the light of the truth. And I’ve often thought of taking up that tale, that drama, myself! They deserved better than to be jettisoned by the Democrats, and then damn well deserved better than having their honour besmirched by the likes of some worthless degenerate like Kennedy.

Peter, why don’t you go out on a limb and tell us what you think of this declaration by your new Governor?

I agree with Patrick that this is a political ploy to gain cheap points at the expense of the President. The Governor voted against the war, unlike most Democrats. However, not every Tariq, Abdullah, and Ahmed is being allowed in under the plan. The people we are referring to have been assisting our forces for the most part and the families who could suffer retribution as well. I for one have no problem with people having sacrificed for our people coming here with their families. We’ll help make them prosperous so they can tell all their old friends that freedom really means free from the evr present threat of being blown up for going about your own business.

Strickland should be clear on what he objects to. If it’s to the possibility that terrorists or Islamofascists will get in this way, well and good. Come out and say it. If it’s to placing the refugees heavily in a state that has serious employment problems, fine. Again, say it. If Strickland’s real objective, as one poster suggested, is just to bash Bush, he should be man enough to admit it. And if it’s to keep potentially pro-Bush potential voters out of Ohio, he should be man enough to admit that. Gas masks in the polling booth indeed. I’ve disliked Strickland ever since he was quoted as saying, a few years back, that religion and philosophy should have no role in the debate on cloning, stem cells, etc. This from an ordained "minister."

But still: why OHIO? I’d think that any refugee in their right mind would say send me back. How many Vietnamese or Cambodians of the 70s generation do see here?

Why, Oh why, Oh why, Oh
Did I ever leave Ohio ?

Remember the GOP has NEVER won the Presidency without carrying the Buckeye state. And what Ohio Republicans are doing to the Ohio GOP doesn’t bear thought.

All Hillary has to do is carry the states that Gore carried, and take Ohio, then it’s game, set and match. And that doesn’t look very difficult right to do right now, now does it?

It’s almost as if the Rockefeller Republicans were trying to implode the party, so that Reaganism can never rise from the tomb. It’s really weird.

So when you’re assessing what the Ohio Governor said, think how close to taking Ohio the Democrats are.

So it’s probably a political ploy, but sometimes political ploys work, and the Ohio GOP right now is very vulnerable.

And it should be recalled too that then Governor Clinton attributed his loss of the Governorship to the Marial {or was it marisol...? something like that...} boat lift. Many of the Cubans were transported to Arkansas, where there presence wasn’t particularly appreciated, especially in light of the fact that Castro dumped his criminal class on the shores of the USA.

It’s a very simple equation: Most Americans don’t want their nation turned into a "multicultural paradise." Period. Nuthin’ special about the sentiment...and given that both parties have been assiduously ignoring the will of the people on this score, ANY anti-immigration policy advocated by a "mainstream" politician will be appreciated. Personally, I don’t care why Strickland’s doing it, just so long as he does it.

Maybe Governor Strickland read the Mark Steyn book and is thinking, "Ohio Alone", in a conservative sort of way.

Now if we only get other State’s governors to do something similar!

It seems to me that Bush’s plan to relocate Iraqis is an admission that the war cannot be won. I do not know the history of the 70s, but did the Vietnam citizens leave Vietnam until it was clear the war would not be won?

It will be interesting to see how many Iraqis leave. Leaving shows no hope for the future.

Yes, Steve Sparks, that’s how I read it, too. Or else, that if the surge is NOT going to be funded, and that we would be forced by the Democratic House to leave, that there would be provision to get our friends out. Where would the Iraqis who had helped America escape to afterwards? Thinking of Vietnamese boat people, I picture people rafting down the Tigris to get to Kuwait or something.

(I am looking into Huckleberry Finn again this week, which makes for a funny mix of mental images on this point, when it isn’t really funny at all.)

dain, I know and feel for your position on this. As you know, Steyn’s demographic evidence worries me, but this point bothers me.

It’s almost as if the Rockefeller Republicans were trying to implode the party, so that Reaganism can never rise from the tomb. It’s really weird.

Not really. Being the liberals they are, they would rather have liberal Dem’s in control than their fellow conservative GOPers. Yet more evidence (as if we needed any more) that the conservative cause in the GOP (or any two party system such as ours)is by definition a lost cause...

I think it is sleeping at the moment, not lost. But it will be lost, totally lost, if we don’t shut down that border and completely revamp our immigration laws. With the exception of the Cubans, Vietnamese (and other ideological refugees), what immigrant group has ever been predominantly conservative? This really is a no-brainer, and you have to wonder why some people (nominally on "our side") think cheap landscapping and cheaper hamburgers are worth political and cultural disaster.

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