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VDH on "Mexifornia" Five Years Later

The City Journal publishes this thoughtful reflection by Victor Davis Hanson on the 5th anniversary of his "Mexifornia" article which spurred his subsequent book on the theme. There is so much detail within it requiring thought and comment that I am at a loss to choose. I can only say, as a general thing, that the tone of his piece is one that seeks to address these issues in a way that avoids many bad things for all concerned, insult as well as injury. It tackles a though issue in a way that is admirable and judicious--but it does not pull necessary hard punches or abandon good principle. Worth a solitary and careful read.   

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His book is a winner. Thoughtful, because he has Mexican relatives-by-marriage. Full of insight because he’s a grower in a part of the country where illegal pickers are common. Tough, because he’s seen his corner of California changed by illegal immigration and he can foresee what’s going to happen to the rest of us unless government manages the border.

Why is Mexico in such a sad state that 500,000 people emigrate every year? I thought all the American jobs were going to mexico?

India. They’re all going to India. Mexico has no jobs, to speak of, unless you’re part of the light-skinned elite. You can almost predict a rise of brown Mexican illegals with the rise in prices of corn tortillas. They’re way up at the moment. I read the City Journal piece. I wish I hadn’t. It’s worse news than Mexifornia was. Despite what he says about a border wall picking up more conservative support, it still has yet to be built. From what I’ve seen, even Giulliani isn’t keen on a wall.

"even Giulliani isn’t keen on a wall."

Giulliani is the most open-borders candidate in the race, from either party.

Well, let’s hope he changes his attitude on the border, then. I’d like to vote for him, but without a strong stance (and promise) to fix our immigration fiasco, I’m voting for the other guy...or some 3rd party crank. Enough’s enough.

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