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Fred Barnes on THE Question About McCain

Why is the most conservative candidate most dislked by conservatives? Fred’s answer: He’s unable to resist "the maverick temptation." In my opinion, he’s tempted too often to project the impression that he’s too smart and/or too moral to be consistently conservative, and the technique that gets him good press loses him conservative votes. The genuine maverick wouldn’t be as image-conscious as McCain seems to be. Fred encourages us to remember that John best embodies the combination of conservatism and electability.

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McCain, the "most conservative candidate?" My God, if that’s the best we can do, we are in deep trouble. He may be more conservative than Ruddy, maybe, but that’s about it.

I’m beginning to lose respect for Fred Barnes. These last few years must have addled his brains.

John McCain’s problem isn’t his wavering conservatism or his maverick tendencies. It’s the clear impression he communicates, both in body language and verbally, that here is a guy only just in control of himself. Watch the fake smile, the white knuckles as he grips the podium. Here’s a guy who isn’t at rest with himself, or the world around him. He’s simply too unstable to be president.

Fred must have a new definition of conservative that includes trashing the 2nd Amendment......

Is there money involved here somewhere ????

I agree with dain. McCain is no Conservative. You can’t share legislative power with Kennedy and Findgold and the 14 Gangsters and be considered a Conservative.

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