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Is Fred Another Reagan? Or Another Great Communicator?

NRO’S Kathryn Jean Lopez writes a very nice pro-Thompson puff piece, focusing on his eloquent and reliably conservative talk-show performance. He is clearly very smart and informed and has good political instincts. The fact that he doesn’t seem to lust after the Oval Office, K-Lo concludes, "only makes us want him more." Fred certainly is competent at talking competence, but I want more evidence that he has a real-life record of competence

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K Lo is still mourning the loss of Santorum.

She’s been spending her time of late trying to find the candidate that is most like her on abortion. Abortion is important, but the fate of Western Civilization is MORE important. K Lo seems to me something of a one trick pony.

And as for Thompson, I don’t know about you guys, but after 7 years of Bush and his Texas homespun, I had enough homespun, Texan or Tennessean, for one lifetime.

We need an executive who will get in the face of the State Department and CIA. We need an administrator who will take names, and kick some ass.

State needs to be entirely reshuffled, and the Arab narrative needs to be crushed within it. The Bureau for Near-Eastern Affairs needs to be purged.

CIA needs to be cashiered, and we need to build, from scratch, an entirely new, war waging, war winning intelligence agency.

Homeland Security needs to be scrapped. We don’t need gimmicks, we don’t need additional bureaucratic overlays. Homeland Security is to security what the Energy Department is to America’s energy needs, namely a gimmick, a Potemkin village. And it needs to be scrapped.

NASA needs to be folded under the wing of the United States Navy.

Speaking of the Navy, we need a 500 ship Navy, capable of projecting power throughout along the Pacific rim and throughout the Indian ocean. We need 15 Carrier Battle Groups. We need to SLEP {Service Life Extension Program} USS Kitty Hawk, USS Constellation, USS Saratoga, and the USS Intrepid. Three of those Carriers need to be overhauled, inside and out, fully modernized, and delivered over to Japan. And we should ask Japan to rename her Navy the Imperial Japanese Navy. Everything we can do to make sure that Japan is capable of projecting Naval and Air strength, we should do. A gift of three Carriers, fitted out with about 100 F-35s, will do the trick. Moreover, we need to make sure that the Japanese Air Force acquires about 2,000 modern Fighter/Bombers.

We need an Army of close to a million men. We need an Army capable of fighting insurgencies as well as handling anything larger that might occur. The Marines need another 4 active Regiments.

Our Air Force needs to acquire upwards of 2,500 F-22s, and another 2,000 F-35s. We should modernize our Bomber fleet as well.

Immigration needs a firm hand at the tiller.

And all of this is just for starters..........

And having mentioned all of that, I don’t think that Fred Thompson has the energy, passion or wherewithal to get it done.

The only guys who I think can handle it are Giuliani and Gingrich.

In fact, we need them BOTH. We need both men in positions to act, in positions to ride herd. We need both men in the saddle.

A war is to be won, a government to be modernized, an energy infrastructure built for a nation of 350 million people, borders to be secured, FBI overhauled, an Intelligence Agency devised and staffed, tax cuts implemented, Education Department overhauled, Energy Department scrapped, there’s no time to waste.

WE can’t afford any more time serving Presidencies. We can’t afford a Clinton who does nothing but look fondly at his poll numbers, and we can’t afford a Bush who scorns the mere mention of his poll numbers. We have not the time for incompetence, for lack of vision, for lack of energy and passion. We need men HUNGRY to get their hands on power, power necessary to advance American interest, free America’s economy, educate America’s children, inspire America’s people, we need men equal to the challenge.

And as we look across the fruited plain, there are only two men out there who measure up.

"We need men hungry to get their hands on power ... men equal to the challenge." Amen. No more Bushes.

Is Fred a hungry man?

Peter, why are you so demanding of seeing Fred’s record? In the past few months you and most others on this blog have completely passed by Romney’s record. So who care’s what Thompson’s is, he sounds good.

"Is Fred a hungry man?" Well, he hasn’t been doing any ads wiht Donovan McNabb, for Campbell’s Chunky Soup?

But his lacksadaisical homespun doesn’t strike me as a man overflowing with eagerness to overhaul State, to overhaul the Education Department, to build a real American Intelligence agency.

He says the right things, but he seems awfully laid back, and we need somebody, as I mentioned, to "take names and kick ass." And I don’t think Thompson is that man. Maybe he is, maybe he’s hell on wheels. But if so, I haven’t heard about it.

6: "we need somebody to take names and kick ass." Yes, that too.

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