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Law-and-Order Fred Surging

...largely, Gallup’s study shows, at the expense of law-and-order Rudy. McCain’s support remains stable, and Romney has dropped to fourth. I have to say that Rudy REALLY WAS an aggressive prosecutor and crime-busting mayor of the major American city.

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Yea, Fred is a good talker/actor, but I know what Rudy accomplished. He may have some distressing views on social/cultural issues, but he’s a tough guy, and I’ve no doubt he would see to the defense of the country.

Thompson is an attractive candidate in many ways. But we need someone with a serious record. Thompson doesn’t have one. Unless you’ve driven the left crazy (think Jesse Helms), sitting
in the Senate is more like a disqualification than a qualification.

I agree with all of the above. I’ve been hearing about his recent rise in the polls from other sources as well, and it’s really just weird. There’s not much to the guy (although his speech writers seem to be earning their pay), and from what I understand he didn’t do a thing with his committee last term. I can’t tell if he’s fishing for VP or just attention. And a question to my fellow readers: is McCain done? If I understand correctly he’s way behind on fundraising goals (which translates to "fundraising necessities"). I’m wondering what other people have heard/think about said topic.

Well, McCain’s been

Uh, I don’t think the new correction function is working quite right, although I appreciate the additional softeware.

Thompson is weak on immigration.

I agree with Dain. With the new function my comment looked right, but then it got cut off.

Nothing could persuade me to vote for Giuliani. And this indicates that even his supporters are lukewarm.

I just think it’s all funny especially Romney. Here’s Romney who has spent two years running for President, raising money, building an organization, etc, and in two weeks of media buzz Thompson blows past him. You can smell the justice.

You all realize Thompson did nothing while in office, right?

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