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I spent much of the day trolling around CPAC—the conservative activist answer to Woodstock (but with showers)—keeping Marv Krinsky out of trouble, stirring up some of my own, but above all wondering how Jonathan Martin of the sprightly new internet news venture The Politico managed to get the idea that conservatives are in "A Mood of Gloom."

Not to cast too many aspersions here, but pay close attention to the folks Martin quotes in his story. Let’s just say that most of these figures are attention-seekers who were gloomy ten years ago. My sense wandering around was that most people without an agenda of personal advancement or a project to sell were in a very upbeat mood.

There is an awful lot of politicking going on for the various presidential hopefuls (odd for an off-year CPAC, but that’s how it is now with the accelerated campaign), with Brownback’s legions winning the prize for Best Imitation of a Carnival Barker. I commented to Newt (yes, that Newt) that before very long, we’re likely to be holding the New Hampshire primary the day after inauguration day.

I did see Dinesh D’Souza from a distance, but didn’t get the chance to slide alongside him and ask, "So-Dinesh, you got anything new going on these days? Oh really?? I hadn’t heard. . ."

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D’Souza embarrassed himself with his book, with his efforts heretofore to defend his book, and now his attacks upon Spencer, {who unlike D’Souza, can actually back up what he writes with historical fact, and koranic and hadith chapter and verse}.

D’Souza kept focusing on the PRUDENTIAL value of what Spencer was writing, {how it would impact our war effort or not}. As if the TRUTHFULNESS of what Spencer wrote was unimportant.

Isn’t it important to know if present policy is predicated upon fact, upon truth, and not falsehood?

Or is that idea too quaint?

How can successful policies be built upon lies, even lies told for the best of prudential purposes? And when such polices collapse, as they must, how can subsequent policies be constructed upon their ruins when political credibility is shattered and public confidence demolished?

Why would D’Souza go write a book about so serious and important a subject, when it’s clear he knows nothing about it?

And I used to think D’Souza had half a clue. I remember when I met Steve Hayward at West Chester University, I actually asked him if he knew D’Souza!

I just bought D’Souza’s biography of Reagan as a Christmas present for my brother. I wish I hadn’t now. Anybody who could churn out that book of his........ well, ............. I don’t even want to think about it anymore.

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