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Some comments on my praising of the Obama speech note that I do not see that he is a Euro-socialist, and so on. More on this later (I regret that I am snowed under here!), but for now let me say that I think I know the difference between Reagan and Obama! I am not in love with Obama, nor am I endorsing him, or his policy positions. Please. But, I am asserting that this might be a very serious fellow. Also, he is a black man. And that he may even be technically an African-American is very interesting (possibly deeply interesting to, for example, Jesse Jackson, who I can feel sliding down the path of irrelevance every time Obama speaks) and will have massive repercussions in American politics. I suspect that some of those effects might be very good, by the way. This doesn’t mean that I am endorsing him, or national health care, or even his clever rhetoric about the Kennedys, et al.

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I would look for Obama to begin, sooner or later, to transform his campaign into one that compliments and enhances the stature of the SWOTE. This, I think, will prove very difficult for the man, seeing what he has to work with (shrieking, phony pandering speeches etc).

I think one thing ought to very, very clear: Obama will either get on board with Clinton Inc., or be totally destroyed. It’s just that simple, folks.

I see what Peter is trying to say here and in his previous post on Obama.

I had the opportunity to see Obama at his announcement in Springfield. While the speech was essentially devoid of substance(which is not unusual for these) Obama delivered it very very well. He resonated with the crowd and I remember thinking to myself as I watched and listened: "He’s very very good."
In the VIP section (in the sun thankfully, it was 9 degrees) the mix of young, old, black, white was evident, his national appeal may be that way as well. And, using P.J. O’Rourke’s tried and true method to analyze successful movements, there were a lot of pretty young women in the crowd.

Is this good for our side? I don’t know, but it does not bode well for Hillary.

Crackhead Obama is a left-wing globalist. He supports the third-world invasion of the USA, and he wants to invade Darfur.

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