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Rudy on Abortion

Here we learn that Giuliani was once pro-life and seems to have changed his position out of political expediency. But once he changed he really changed, favoring federal funding for abortions and praising Margaret Sanger before the NARAL.

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His private beliefs are irrelevant. WHAT IS relevant is the caliber of the lawyers he will select for the Executive Branch and the Judiciary.

That’s it. So long as he selects originalists, then we have no problem with Giuliani. So long as the men he appoints Attorney and Solicitor General are originalists, then we’ve no problem with Giuliani.

I prefer Giuliani to Romney, who’s movement on these issues, or as Hewitt describes it, Romney’s "transition" on these issues is mighty recent.

Giuliani changed for expediency? I thought this was the principled man who just does what’s right and stands up for everything under the sun....blah blah blah. He’s not a serious candidate.

Rudy’s background in the genuinely conservative Reagan Justice department,
his service as U.S. Attorney for New York, and his experience as mayor dealing with ACLU/NAACP-type judges, all lend credibility to his conservative talk about the courts. I’m also inclined to prefer Rudy’s lengthy background in government to Romney’s four years of service as a CEO governor. I have concerns about Rudy for sure, but let’s remember that his governmental and political background go back much further than the mayor’s position.

David Frisk’s is the voice of utter reason.

Giuliani’s resume is impressive indeed.

And it’s very Conservative.

Was it liberal or conservative to clean out the sex trade on Time’s Square?

Was it liberal or conservative to make New York City a safe place to walk, to shop, to live?

Was it liberal or conservative restoring New York’s fiscal position?

Was it liberal or conservative to crush the Mafia Commission?

If Giuliani gets the nomination, I don’t see how he can lose.

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