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Scale of Republican Sinning and Repentance: A Real Leg Up, A Slight Leg Up, and No Leg at All

NEWSWEEK (which I have in my lap and so can’t link without trouble) disagrees with TIME and Bill Kristol on Newt’s confession: "Even if GOP primary voters see it as a transparent tactic; the’re likely to embrace its personal nature." Newt’s confession on "Jame Dobson’s radio show," the article judges, "has become an obligatory ritual for any sinner seeking the evangelical vote," although Newt is the only sinner so far to perform that ritual. And the article includes this judgment by Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention: "The fact that McCain has that marriage [to Cindy], and it’s a committed one and it’s of long standing, gives him a real leg up on Gingrich. Gingrich’s confession gives him a slight leg up on Giuliani."

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I live by few hard and fast rules, but this is certainly one: Never, ever trust on face value anything printed in Newsweek magazine. Their every word is written with a single objective: to harm Republicans and conservatives.

If they’re trying to make the case that Gingrich might be well served by his confession, what that really means is that Newsweek wants to promote Gingrich. And Newsweek wants to promote Gingrich not because they want him to win, but rather because they see him as an easier candidate to destroy once nominated.

I can’t bring myself to leaf through Newsweek, even when bored waiting in the dentist office. Honestly, it is truly one of the most horribly biased "news" weeklies out there. George Will’s column is there only to give them cover. "See? We’re fair ... we have Will."

Final point, then I’ll breathe again ... back when I used to read that rag, I tracked the "Conventional Wisdom" ratings for Clinton in his final years vs. George W. Bush in his first years. Clinton never got worse than a side-to-side arrow; Bush got a "down arrow" at least 80% of the time, with a side-to-side 15% of the time and an "up" arrow only about 5% of the time.

Can you tell I absolutely despite Newsweek?

Cutting back some on your very manly exaggeration, Don AZ, I sort of agree with you, which is why I was gently mocking the NEWSWEEK article.

Peter ... who was exaggerating? I truly do believe they are one of the more blatantly biased publications out there. Really, I do.

You need to flag me when you’re intending to "gently" mock Newsweek. I see the letters N-E-W-S-W-E-E-K and I see red. My contempt for that magazine is boundless. :-)

Aren’t all these "legs up" the problem in the first place?

To Noel: Well, yes...

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