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Yet another story on Obama’s church

Here. 11 o’clock on Sunday morning may well be the most segregated hour in America, but I wonder what the press would say about a candidate who answered an altar call in a church explicitly dedicated to a "white value system."

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Hussein Obama is in a Church that’s overflowing with venom and viciousness for Caucasians. That’s the long and the short of it.

Islam is feeding off of that sense of grievance, and that’s why they’re making serious inroads in Black America. The colleges do their level best to keep alive this sense of Black victimhood through various ethnic studies programs, which usually consist of a single theme: "ethnic good, Caucasian BAD! So we see constantly simmering witch’s brew of bitterness and bile, hate and hysteria. And all the while, on the margins of society, the message of the mullah is heard: "Come away from that religion of white people...." That’s what’s going on out there.

And where’s the money coming from? Our "friends" in the house of al Saud.

Dan - That’s windy and harsh - an altogether clumsy generalization! Persisting in using the Senator’s middle name is cartoonishly ideological.

In the light of this post I’m tempted to say the reverend has something there: The press is not to be trusted. ... Don’t let somebody outside our camp divide us.

Is this a sample of the campaign to come, in the still unlikely event Obama is nominated?

Steve, I’ve heard some of the audio from this "church." It should be put in quotation marks because it seems more about pushing Black grievance than it does about preaching the word of God. And it’s pretty bad.

I live in an area that is predominantly Black. And you’ve no idea the growth of islam in this area, just in the last ten years. It’s absolutely amazing. An area where there weren’t any muslims just a few years ago, is an area where they are all over the place. The FBI raided a home that was on my paper route when I was a boy. I used to know the people who lived there, played baseball against their kids. And now, it’s a home that gets raided for potential biologicals.

That’s not windy, that’s not "cartoonishly ideological," that’s just observation of the neighborhood around me.

Examine the inroads the Nation of islam is making in America’s prisons.

As for Obama, he seems to be in one of these churches that is a quasi mish-mash of supposed African themes, nation of islam rhetoric and Christianity. An earlier and more robust church would have blasted the whole thing as nakedly heretical.

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