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Another Long-Shot: For Freedom and Against Taxes

It would be refreshing to have a candidate who doesn’t distance himself from the administration’s record. And Dick Cheney certainly has the experience... (Thanks to Ivan the K.)

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A parody, right?

I’ve always liked Cheney, but his "ticker" would necessarily make him unelectable (and all the other stuff people would slam him with).

It’s a non-starter. Cheney himself said a year or two ago: "Not only No, but Hell No." And I think it goes without saying that he’s unelectable.
Great guy, but as we all know, the best men are rarely elected president.

Wait.. wait... I’m laughing too hard to type... Regarding the candidate Cheney I say ... Bring’em on. Foreign policy experience?? At what? Screwing up everything he touches? Plus with his chickenhawk status now firmly in place how could he possibly be trusted to be a leader? Just curious.

Cheney is partly responsible for this slow motion train wreck of a second term. He, more than anyone else, could have stepped in, could have conducted an "intervention." The rest of the White House staff, the rest of his Cabinet, I don’t blame, for they’re all reflective of him, his style, his tone, his demeanor; they were chosen for they were essentially cut from the same cloth. But not Cheney. Cheney was a strong Conservative in the Congress for years, before he ever came to the attention of the Bush clan.

When spending was out of control, {it should be remembered that GW came into office with a yearly budget of about 1.6 trillion, and will likely leave office with a budget over THREE TRILLION DOLLARS per annum,} so when spending was out of control, where was that old Conservative Cheney, and what was he saying?

When Bush refused to use his veto, thus refusing himself an essential prerogative of his high office, where was Cheney?

When this administration went from describing IRAN as a member of "the Axis of Evil" to describing them as simply being, "unhelpful," where was Cheney?

Dubai Ports Deal, Meirs, the politically explosive "comprehensive immigration reform," ......... where was Cheney? What was his advice? The President was led into THREE GRUELING POLITICAL MEAT GRINDERS with his base, and with WIDE sweeping majorities of the American people, all within about a year, and during all of that, where was Cheney? What was his advice?

Who did he urge the President to fire for such towering political incompetence?

Within the administration, I blame Cheney.

Without? I blame the Capitol Hill Republicans, who refused to get in the face of this President, and demand that he govern in accordance with the Platform of the GOP. GW has effectively ignored that Platform, and too damn many Republicans were content watching him do so.

If you were passionate about Conservative principles, if you were passionate about American Exceptionalism, there’s no way you wouldn’t have dressed the President down privately. Face to face, eye to eye, mano a mano, somebody needed to tell the President off, because he’s getting none of it from his staff. He has the WORST, THE WORST communication team in modern Presidential history. That’s not my opinion, that was the opinion of Mort Kondracke. And I think his political team is equally inept.

People praise Rove for leading the President to victory twice. And there’s some truth found in that. But it also needs to be recalled, GW had the advantage of running against the two greatest political stiffs of our time. And those stiffs took him down to the wire. Rove took two races that should have been won in a walk, and turned them into nail-biters whose results we didn’t know fully until the next day.

George Walker Bush’s debate performances in ’04 were a disgrace to the Party. An absolute disgrace. We’re talking here about a man who is Andover, Yale, Harvard Business School, and he came off as a complete idiot, albeit a well-meaning complete idiot.

And that’s all due to a want of staff preparation. He was not properly prepped for any one of those debates. That first one, {and remember, he went in to that first debate, after his huge Convention, with about an 8 point lead, and he almost blew that whole lead in a single evening}, that first debate, it’s almost like he mailed it in.

His political and communicative staff allowed him to wander into that first debate and just mail it in; he just mailed it all in. Instead of that first debate ending the campaign, and the American people turning off Kerry for the rest of the race, Kerry was given new life, he was brought off the ropes, all the political advantage of the GOP Convention was almost thrown away, and for what, because GW’s staff is incompetent.

What’s the cover of NR or The Weekly Standard out on the bookshelves, "THE INCOMPETENCE FACTOR."

We’re not the only ones seeing it; we’re not the only ones irritated to all hell by it.

But nobody does anything about it. What do they do when they meet the President privately? What do they say? Do they do nothing more than exchange pleasantries? "How’s Laura?" ... "That’s great!" ... "How’s Barney?" .... "Outstanding!"

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