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Astonishing and horrifying but not surprising

Some schools in the UK have stopped teaching about the Holocaust and the Crusades in order not to offend Muslim pupils. At what point will people of good will over there begin to say enough?

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It would have been nice to see a link to the study, because the article itself suggests there is less of a trend than the headline would admit. For example, one school in an "unnamed Northern city" dropping Holocaust history is a problem, but certainly not a trend. And moving the Crusades from 11-14 isn’t that big a deal unless they aren’t putting it elsewhere in the curriculum.

I took an entire college course on the Holocaust. One full semester, not some seminar. Which perhaps partly informs my eagerness to go after the Iranian regime, for I take their genocidal utterances seriously, deadly seriously.

The Holocaust didn’t happen 700 hundred years ago. It happened but yesteryear for some. My father’s only brother died in the attempt to breach Hitler’s Fortress Europa, killed in action. There are plenty of people with personal knowledge of the camps, of the war, of what it took to stop the killings, what it took to win the war. Europe’s attempt to glide over the events of the Holocaust won’t purchase them social tranquility. It won’t pacify their streets. The Holocaust and the history of jihad need to be understood, not just by students, but by elected officials, for without a FIRM historical understanding of the Holocaust and jihad, you won’t be likely to give foreign events the attention they deserve.

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