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From Williamsburg, where, among other things, my wife and kids enjoyed a public reading of the Declaration of Independence. My wife says that she wants to work for Colonial Williamsburg at some point in the future and compared the experience (in terms of the quality of the presentation, the professionalism of the cast, and the emphasis on customer service) to Disney World, which is our book is high praise indeed. Obviously, the subject is a bit more serious (of course).

I presented a paper (on "’Family Values’ in Livy’s Rome"), chaired a panel on leadership and core texts, enjoyed a number of conversations in a remarkably collegial conference, and caught up with a number of old friends.

The single most impressive and entertaining speaker was Paul Cantor, who spoke about Homer and other "productions" as examples of a kind of "spontaneous order."

I also found these two books and glanced at the galleys of this one. Schall and Lawler must just bleed ink.

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Don’t ever compare CW to Disney or you’ll be a marked man in Williamsburg, trust me. They go ballistic if such a thought is uttered.

Not in any but the most formal sense....

I know what you’re saying, just don’t say it around the CW folks!

With the possible exception of a trip that my parents took us kids on to the 1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville (the fair itself was a bust--but I loved traveling through TN and Kentucky), our trip through Williamsburg was the best and most memorable of all my family vacations. We are so far from it out here in CA that it isn’t practical to plan it on short notice and while the kids are not old enough to really appreciate it. But someday . . . I can’t wait to go again.

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