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Apparently Rosie O’Donnell is leaving The View. I’ve never watched that program, but I can only assume that her absence will improve it.

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I'll admit - I used to be a great fan of Rosie's. I was a great fan of Ellen Degeneres in her day, as well. But when each "came out" - it was done in such an abrasive and in-your-face manner, that I really lost interest in anything either of them had to say. If everything they had to say became valuable because they were gay, I had no use for it.

Ellen seems to have come back to her old self and I think she is actually very funny. Rosie on the other hand, has only become more militant and more offensive; her insults to anyone who would disagree with her lifestyle are just over the top. She will reap the consequences of having a big mouth that often loudly demands "tolerance" and yet spews vile intolerance of others, and deservedly so.

There's going to be an opening for "crazy dislikeable one" on the show now... Ann Coulter perhaps?

Agreed, Deb, about the comparison of Ellen and Rosie. Poor Rosie...never been a fan...but it's still sad that she's now so far gone as to be flirting w/ 9-11 "truther" conspiracy theories. I feel obliged to report, that under the radar she does do some good deeds. I have an in-law relation who's a widow of a serviceman killed in Iraq, and a pretty right-wing sort of person, and she encountered Rosie through some program or another, and Rosie basically foot the bill for a dinner or a hotel for her and kids, I forget the details, but real person-to-person generosity was involved. Something to keep in mind the next time you hear a report about her latest manifestation of BDS.

Heartfelt curses on the Democratic opinion leaders who refused to shun M. Moore, ANSWER, Koss' worse moments, etc., back in 03 and 04 when it might have made a difference, and who thereby led a good 20% of our fellow citizens into political mental illness.

And it's pretty funny, John, the way your title compares her to Princess Leia.

I was waiting for someone to pick up on that quote by Grand Moff Tarkin!

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