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Happy Birthday Willie Nelson!

You have to love his distinctive voice and tireless devotion to performing and recording.

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Not to mention those lovely locks of hair.

The NLT crew, which has been known to fawn over Bush's manly "cowboy" image should not forget Nelson's most recent hit, "Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly Fond of Each Other," also known as that gay cowboy song. Good song to put on the iPod, next to Peter Schramm's flag-wrapped "You Americans" podcast.

Didn't he write "Homo on the Range"?

OK, who's got the mop?

Way to speak truth to power, Craig. The nerve of the guy, wishing Nelson a happy birthday. These kind of people must be stopped, or next thing you know Kos will be being polite to Fred Thompson.

Its good to know that both the left and the right can find common ground when it comes to good music. I prefer some Johnny Cash though....

If I ever meet Fred Thompson, I'm sure I'd be polite to him. But he's still no more than a middling actor, and would no doubt be even less of a president.

I certainly don't love Willie Nelson's left-wing politics. Why not find a conservative artist to celebrate? My God, don't the liberals control enough of our intellectual resources as it is?

Great! Would you tell us who these "conservative artists" might be? (Please, please, Lord, don't let him say "Toby Keith.")

I'm sure there's at least a handful out there (if you want to venture beyond the bands/artists that include themselves among the explicitly Christian musicians), but you certainly have to make some effort to ID them. There's always The Right Brothers, with their "hits" "Bush Was Right" - Mr. Hayward promoted this one some time back; it's aging nicely, I'm entertained by it more with every listen - and their latest "I'm In Love With Ann Coulter."

I recall an interview I caught of Willie (during his pre-IRS bust days) describing smoking a joint on the roof of the White House prior to singing for President Reagan. He did inhale.
My vote for the most conservative musical act...Merle Haggard.

Conservative musicians/performers are usually the ones that don't make their politics public. They are out there, they just don't choose activism as an avocation.

My wife and I had 4th row seats to Willie this past summer, and enjoyed every second of the concert.

He opened up for John Fogerty, whom many of you would NOT have appreciated, but who still plays guitar and bounces around the stage as though he were still in his 20's.

Willie was a lot more sedate.

Ted Nugent is conservative, isn't he? Or, are hunting and guns his only political concern?

I have seen Willy perform about six times. In his one and only performance in Rome, Georgia, we sat in something like the fourth row, stood about six feet from him for the last few songs, and then I went up on stage and shot the breeze with him for about 20 secs.
I saw him with Bob Dylan in a minor league baseball stadium in Chattanooga the summer before last. That Fogerty/Willy thing just didn't come to Georgia, but nobody can forget CCR and JF, as Fung says, is still pretty much all there as an entertainer. I wouldn't vote for Willy or have him do my taxes, but it's a given that guys like him don't really take politics seriously one way or the other.

Ohio Brass:

"My vote for the most conservative musical act...Merle Haggard."

Think again, O.B. Apparently the guy's pushing for Hillary in '08, and even wrote a song about her and why she's the best choice.

And here's a fun snippet from what appears to be the sole editorial on his website. Judging by the ground he covers, this goes back some time. Anyway, before his odd endorsement of Toby Keith and his end-times rant, he says this:

"I don't even know the Dixie chicks, but I find it an insult for all the men and women who fought and died in past wars when almost the majority of America jumped down their throats for voicing an opinion. It was like a verbal witch-hunt and lynching."

(Oh yeah, I didn't scroll down - his editorial is dated June '03)

Well I guess that they do smoke marijuana in Muskogee. What a turn -who is Neil Young supporting?

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