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Now from the Trekkie world, another You Tube swipe at Hillary. Just 43 seconds long.

Question for the class: Why does it seem to be only Hillary, and not Obama, Guiliani, or McCain that is getting the mashup treatment? And should campaign consultant be nervous, since they are being outclassed by amateurs? Discuss.

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Hillary is a loathsome person? Seriously, there is something totalitarian/puritanical in her least in how she presents herself to the public. As I’ve said before, she will never be President.

I am confused - what does this blog have to do with Lincoln? I want to discuss Mr. Moser’s point about how Lincoln was only following Sophia when making war against the south...It was the only "reasonable" thing to do after all...If we confirm that chimps and dolphins are "reasonable" animals then they will no doubt agree with Lincoln...;)

Another possibility is a tendency (an American one???) to enjoy throwing rocks at number one. My son loves skateboarders until they become commercial successes, and then they are suddenly "sellouts." We enjoy struggling new actors, entrepreneurs, politicians (??) until they achieve the American Dream, and then we laugh at them, tear them down, because we assume that they must have been doing it all along for the money, the power, the success.

Obama is still fresh, new, and an underdog. Hillary has been near the pinnacle, and has remained there for some time.

Hillary for me just "feels" wrong. I have trusted this "gut" response most of my life when dealing with people and have been badly burned only when I disregarded my own feeling. So, Hillary just "feels" wrong, but so did her husband and Jimmy Carter to me. Hillary brings up the negative in most people and maybe its because she does not present herself for who she truly is.
That’s as close as I can get to why Hillary is so disliked.

I used to be involved in a radio show called "Simul Trek", which improvised a new soundtrack over the epsiode of Star Trek currently airing on the local TV station. We found that it was MUCH funnier to do Original Series episoes Vs. Next Generation episodes. This is because, subconciously, we had had YEARS to make fun of them.

Same thing with Hillary.

I think Fung’s idea is essentially on point ... she’s perceived as the front runner and eventual nominee. I believe everyone is still a bit skeptical of Obama’s stamina when the heavy campaigning begins in earnest.

I hadn’t considered Piker62’s point before now, but I like it. We have 15+ years of pent up emotions on Hillary. Now that she’s involved in a national campaign, those emotions are coming to the surface.

Let’s not forget the most obvious reason -- she’s provided us with a treasure trove of things to work with. It’s almost too easy.

These youtubes have led me to like Hillary more than I used to. I’m not sure they are having the intended effect.

She’s probably the least `hip’ of the front-runners. She therefore lends herself to Youtubian deflation.

I’m open to the idea that I’m out of the mainstream on this, but in considering a potential President for the United States, hipness is not something I’m looking for.

Yes, but that’s what Youtube Nation is looking for.

Thanks for posting this. I’m glad that people find it amusing. LLAP.

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