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One of Reagan’s main men sees Law-and-Order Fred as another actor who’s also a man of substance. We’re reminded of the Gipper’s memorable comment that he just couldn’t see how "any fellow who wasn’t an actor" could get the presidential job done. And Hollywood has known for a while that Fred "personnifies government power." Because each of the other candidates’ flaws are inching toward fatal, now it really is Thompson’s moment to take the Oval Office screen test by actually getting into the race. A movie in which he actually plays a president--the Grant being rehabilitated on all fronts--opens next month.
(Thanks to Ivan the K.)

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Deaver on substance! Peter, you are joshing us! True, Thompson has the same reputation Reagan had, of being lazy and uninvolved, although Reagan was very effective as California Gov and Thompson was a lackluster Senator. A Lindsey Graham staffer who knew Thompson well in the McCain circle verifies his mediocrity as a follower. I can't see this going anywhere. Even though he is the non-southerner southerner and the possible inheritor of secessionists from other campaigns.... And Deaver's endorsement is almost a guarantee he's not really a conservative, whatever that is in America.

Thompson is a neocon globalist. American for Better Immigration only gives him a career grade of C. He's pro free trade, which is destroying our economy, and he's a member of the neocon American Enterprise Institute and a member of the neocon / neoliberal Council on Foreign Relations. He's another GW. I already signed the Conservative Exodus Project, and thus I promised only to support REAL conservatives. I could never support Fred Thompson.

Rob and Sir William, I hope the tone of my post suggested my own skepticism, but he still has to stop teasing and get in the darned race.

I just love how the Libs love to jump in and splain to us poor stupid folks why this or that Republian just isn't good enough for us.

Dear Rob and Sir Bill: Bite me

The Hat,

Read carefully. Sir William is not a liberal.

Sure he is. He's a moby. He spouts the same lines in every comment he makes, no matter what name he posts under.

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