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My Movie Debut

A few folks asked in a thread below where they could see my indie-movie, "An Inconvenient Truth. . . or Convenient Fiction?"

You can see it here on this website. The Pacific Research Institute will also send you a DVD for free if you want.

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Thanks Steve, you anticipated our request.

Steve, could you explain a little more than you did in the first volume your bio of Reagan the circumstances surrounding the selection of GHW Bush to be on the ticket in 1980. I suggested on another blog that he was selected by the GOP establishment for Reagan, that it was essentially their idea, and not Reagan's. Was than an accurate statement? Was I right or wrong, or a bit of both? For someone else said that it was Reagan and his team who picked Bush, and that you can't finger the Republican establishment for that one.

Can you clear that up for me? Thanks.

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