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Pat Deneen and the Working Man

Partly to get the right LINK up here, let me call your attention to Pat’s exposure of the cynicism lurking behind General Motors’ media portrayal of a robot suicide.

UPDATE! Pat is a bit anxious that his blog has been outed to this tough and sometimes spectacularly angry crowd. Be firm but gentle. He also thinks that the evils of blogging can be mitigated if entries are longer and less frequent. I may agree in theory, but not so much in practice.

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One wonders if these corporate execs who replace people on the assembly line have ever read Karl Marx. Machine-substitution is an integral part of his theory, and the central dynamic that leads to poverty and ultimately the "revolution." Food for thought, I would think.

I’m coming to the conclusion that the anger management problem is more widely distributed than I’d initially thought. I’d still defend righteous indignation on behalf of natural justice, because that comes with (ought to come with) and is limited by (ought to be limited by) a certain dignity. There are some things that gentlemen and gentlewomen don’t do. But I haven’t recently been impressed by the gentlemanliness of those supposedly dedicated to that way of looking at the world. If you need an example, Jeffrey Hart works fine for me.

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