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Rudy’s Unforced Abortion Error

Giuliani didn’t only say that he was for the public funding of abortion, but that such funding is a constitutional right. He went FURTHER than the Supreme Court, which has never recognized that "right." Clearly is he for the public funding of abortions. To make that position compatible with judicial restraint, he’s going to have to explain that decisions about abortion are left to legislatures, and that his opinons about "abortion rights" are those of a citizen trying to influence his fellow citizens. But he’s not going to say that. His simple view is that it’s the function of the courts to protect rights, and that abortion funding is a right. Can Rudy be saved from the impression that he would actually welcome MORE liberty-based activism from the Court than it has displayed so far? Unforced errors from politicians are often a sign of personal integrity, and that’s the problem.

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I admire his candor and courage, but his agenda is not mine. Does he have some strategy to win the NE and West Coast, assuming that the South and Midwest will vote for him by default (given Hillary as a choice)? Surely he realizes that he has to win the nomination before he can win the Presidency.

It is a major blow to Rudy’s candidacy. It bespeaks constitutional illiteracy and a very large buy-in to the principles of the liberal regime. Unlike many other social conservatives, I’m fine with a pro-choice president. I’m not fine with someone who concedes so much to the liberals.

"It bespeaks constitutional illiteracy and a very large buy-in to the principles of the liberal regime."

I couldn’t possibly agree more.

I agree with David. Too bad, though. With Rudy and McCain out of contention for my support I remain unimpressed with the chances of any of the others. Here’s hoping I have reason to change my mind on that score sooner rather than later.

Ol’ Fred is looking better by the week.

Rudy was our best bet. I suspect we will lose now.

I’ve been waffling over whether I could support a pro-choice president. Now, I know I’ll stay home if he’s the nominee.

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