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San Francisco as a "sanctuary"

Even though I can’t resist this from Mark Krikorian about

San Francisco offering sanctuary for immigrants and thereby blocking enforcement of federal laws, I am not bringing it up because I want to debate John C. Calhoun and nullification. Still, interesting.

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I suggest we resupply Alcatraz immediately!

Very clever. Thanks!

It brings up an interesting question in my mind. San Francisco has, I suspect, long been shielded from the downside effects of its ultra-liberalism by support and subsidy from the state. This is another example: it offers sanctuary to illegal immigrants, but the cost of that sanctuary is probably not limited to San Francisco itself.

Were we able to wave a magic wand and contain the effects of SF's policies to just SF, what kind of city would we see today? Different? The same?

Thinking outside the box:
So...If its a Sanctuary City can we wall it off and keep the Sanctaurians in and the tax paying law abiding citizens out? Just a thought?

In a state as large and diverse as California, my town of Frisco (including nearby Marin County) is home to both of our U.S. Senators as well as the Speaker of the House. Out of the whole state.
This fact has always pretty much answered it for me as to why San Francisco based politicians are shielded and get a pass so often.
People just laugh and move on, while the damage continues and festers.

It would be nice to know how much of this largess is going to be passed on to the state of California. I would bet that SF is counting on CA dollars to support this policy of unlimited illegal aliens.

The illegals DO pay sales tax, which is one of the reasons for the policy I suspect.

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