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Okay, this is slightly embarrassing, but I don’t just do rap. I do film! The New York Times says so, today. Since I also have a climate change powerpoint show like Al Gore, I thought, what the heck, why not make it into a short film. Now the Times calls me a "film star of sorts." It also says I am "big boned." I think they mean I’m fat. But now I have an excuse to stop wearing a necktie (sorry Michael Anton), just like real Hollywood dudes.

Harvey Weinstein, my cell phone number is. . .

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Can I have your autograph?

Dear Mr. Hayward:

Do you plan to post your Power Point response to Al Gore's "Global Warming hysteria -- An Inconvient Truth" on the web? I urge you to do so. I would like very much to view it.

If you do post it, I would appreciate it if you would send me the link -- or, perhaps you could get your friends at Powerline Blog to post the link.


Bill DePierri

i second Bill's urging.

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