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Yesterday Sen. Barack Obama called on CBS to fire Don Imus. CBS fired him today. Al Sharpton may have cancelled the protest he was planning. Note that Sen. Obama now leads in the poll; Hillary is at the bottom with 10%. In the meantime, the local prosecutor apologizes in the Duke University lacrosse rape case. And now it appears that Oprah will have the Duke basketball team on her show.
This is a nice essay (a review of books by John McWhorter, Shelby Steele, and Juan Williams, actually) on the question of victimhood by Peter C. Myers. The WaPo’s Jonathan Capehart wants the United States to apologize for slavery. Here is Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural.

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Peter, a very apt re-introduction of A. Lincoln. Hope you are better. R

No matter what reasons they give for firing Don Imus, I bet the real motivation is that he was not longer cost-effective.

Shouldn't Oprah invite the Duke Lacrosse team to come on her show as well?

The Imus firing is nothing more, and nothing less, than another brutal Establishment purge of the remaining independent voices in the mass media. Whenever we see a story in the mass media, we should ask ourselves: "WHO BENEFITS FROM THIS STORY? AND WHY IS IT APPEARING NOW?" Imus was no conservative. But he was anti-Hillary, and he had a nationwide audience. The Clinton/Democratic machine had to take him out. They found their pretext, and they did. Conservatives who participated in the attacks on Imus helped the Machine do its dirty work. The man apologized. In a just world, that would have been the end of the "story." Think about it. We are at the eleventh hour, long past the luxury of holding everyone to fastidious standards as if we were at a church picnic. As long as we participate in Democratic power plays like this, reacting as disinterested "nice guys" instead of serious political opponents, we are engaged in unilateral disarmament -- a mistake that our hero, Ronald Reagan, never made. And, I suspect, that our Founders would have been equally unhappy with.

Excellent Article: "The Real Crime of Don Imus: Being White."

I thought the whole point of Don Imus was that he was over-the-top rude. I never heard him, because forewarned is forearmed, but I thought that it was his job to insult people on the radio. The ordinary rudeness of folks about town is plenty for me, thanks.

Couldn't one tell from his ratings if he were cost-effective or made a sacrificial lamb (or ram)?

Personally I think the Claremont Institute and Second Inaugural links are far more interesting than Imus.

The Imus links, while important to consider because of the way people think about these things, will ultimately not solve the greater problem (or even really truly address it) of 'racial economic inequality' in America.

The Claremont Institute link touches on the issue quite nicely.

I think we should all forget about the Imus issue; that is to say, stop talking about it.

Let's talk about the Claremont piece. It would allow for much greater discussion, and might actually address the real issue at hand.

Now we just need the rest of America to talk in the same manner.

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