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Virginia Tech

Reflection on random killing caused by insanity shouldn’t lead us to anything but prayer for those who died young and without warning and about what it really means to be human.

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It is unfortunate that the liberal media keeps trying to skirt around the issue that the killer is Asian. This incident is symptomatic of the third-world invasion of the U.S., and it is just the beginning. More is to come. Only read _Camp of the Saints_, the "greatest conservative novel ever written."

True, I was always very suspicious of the fact that the media "skirted around" the issue of how the two boys from Columbine were affluent white youths with a Christian back-ground...liberal media scum...

Neither you nor I know anything about the kid yet and what role (likely none) his ethnicity played. Give it a break backwater boy.

Thanks, Fred. I notice that today everyone's reporting that the guy was Asian. Stop trying to exploit this tragedy for some anti-immigration agenda--as if there were some national epidemic of rampaging Asians. No matter where you stand on the immigration issue, this sort of garbage is in the worst possible taste.

By the way, it's simply not true that the media was "trying to skirt around the issue that the killer is Asian." The fact is that the media didn't know. The authorities didn't release any information about the killer or his victims until long after the shootings had taken place. This is standard operating procedure--nothing is released until the families have been contacted. This goes for killers as well as victims, when they themselves end up as fatalities.

Well, John, good "taste" or not, we now know the guy was a "green carder." It is true that we don't have lots of rampaging Koreans, but it is also true that if our laws were a lot more strict 30+ people might be alive today. I see no need to import criminals or unstable people.

We also know that this started as a domestic dispute...the guy killed his girlfriend and a residence hall advisor who was trying to mediate the dispute. It will be interesting to see if race played any role; I remember distinctly how the "Nazi" and "Christian" connection was played up after Columbine. I'll be watching the media very carefully to see if there is even a hint of scrutiny concerning "hate crimes" in this instance.

Having found a partial list of victims, this nut apparently wasn't motivated by race/ethnicity. I'm glad about that...these actions were crazy/evil enough without adding that dimension.

They are also saying he was a "loner." Gee, go figure.

Come on, dain. Do you seriously think that a Korean who hated white people enough to shoot them on the basis of their ethnicity would choose to travel to the United States to receive an education?

It's not a student visa,'s a green card. I'm assuming he has family here, maybe?

From what I read online, this fellow lived in this country and attended U.S. schools since he was young. He may have a green card but it seems he's spent most of his life living the American way. He could have become disturbed any time after he came here. We don't know and I don't think there's any way to know if an immigrant is "disturbed enough" (as a child, to boot) to be denied access to this country.

It does seem in very poor taste to consider this anyway connected to his ethnicity. But I'm sure we'll have more information soon enough. Many such incidents (Texas Tower, Columbine, etc.) have been perpetrated (spelling?) by white Americans.

I mentioned yesterday the guy was a foreigner, who apparently got in on a student visa. That was based on early sketchy details. It was reported then that the guy entered the country recently, now there are reports he's been here 14 years. My comment was not intended as an opinion on Asian immigration, but focused on the student visa program.

When China was due to absorb Hong Kong, I suggested taking the whole population of Hong Kong, {about 5 million people}and letting the British deliver over to Peking nothing more than an empty city. So I've got no problem with Asian immigration.

But the INS needs to start seriously vetting the people who are trying to get in the country.

VDH recently wrote suggesting that we stop taking muslim foreign students. He said that they're not coming here and acquiring a better idea of us. If anything, their hatreds and their prejudices are being confirmed by their time amongst us. That's what we saw with Atta and his group. The more he got to know us, the more he hated us.

It would be wise to keep out those with a history of serious mental problems. As it would be wise to keep out those espousing a social system wholly hostile to the West.

This guy came armed to the teeth. This wasn't an ordinary domestic dispute. He was looking to kill strangers. He wasn't simply intending to kill the girl he had a problem with. It was way beyond that for him.

Where did he acquire this burning, murderous hatred for "rich kids?" What was he reading? What was he watching? What lectures was he listening to, in class, on the web? Where did he get the idea that because he had a problem with a girl, that it was OK for him to start blazing away? Not to mention, if he truly loved the girl, how could he possibly have hurt her, how could he have considered for a nanosecond harming her.

Is it known for sure what nationality this guy was? First reports were Chinese. Now it appears he's South Korean.

Nationality is clearly a red herring in this case - the guy had lived in the US for 14 years. He was as American as anyone here.

Lawler is right. There is no law to be passed that will prevent this kind of thing from happening in the future. Let's just mourn, and leave it at that.

I think it has become very natural to speculate about racial motivations in these awful events. Certainly if this had been a young white man, the fact that some non-white people were killed would be a subject of debate on blogs and even the MSM. Perhaps it is distasteful, but such speculation has become as American as American Idol. Nothing to celebrate, but nothing to feel shame about either.

It's an utter fricken nightmare.

And the more you think about it, the worse it gets.

A line from St. Augustine comes to mind: "I sought whence evil came, and I found it not."

Wow - it's amazing to read these responses while the news is still becoming clear. A) Anyone ever heard of the "Fight or Flight" response before? Some people flee, some people stay and fight - are those who flee "cowards" and those who stay "heroes" simply by that standard? It's a natural immediate response, and people don't always thoughtfully choose in a life & death situation - they react... B) So now we have Asian "terrorists" in America? Come on, guys. What happened to people having mental breakdowns - not because of race or ethnic background - but because they have serious psychological issues? What happened at VT is horrendous and the more I read or hear, the more my heart breaks, but it's not just "foreigners" who wreak havoc in our world. Americans cause more than their share of problems (um, Tim McVeigh, anyone?) If we're going to lay every single problem at the feet of the race/ethnicity issue, we're utterly and entirely doomed.

The ethnicity question comes naturally these days (indeed, if you look at the array of his victims, it's almost like he made a special effort to be 'multicultural' -- truly strange). The ethnic question comes naturally, and it has been quickly answered. This is a good thing because it leaves us free to think about the victims...insane people don't have motives worth pondering.

Clearly the university could have handled everything better and saved many lives. But who is prepared for something like this? I don't see any broader implications here for immigration, gun control, the responsibility of of the university, or anything else.

If some nutjob with a gun and a deathwish wants to kill a lot of people, it's hard to say what preventative measures can be taken.

Whatever immigration implications it may have will be deluged by political correctness (although people will still have the thoughts). Gun control, on the other hand, will be hotly debated (yet again). So long as the media are controlled by "those people," the horrible uses of guns will be underlined while the responsible (or socially desireable) uses will be lost to view.

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