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Am I Really Providing a Link to THE NATION?

And Alexander Cockburn? It may be the first, last and only time this happens--but I guess it had to happen once. Here he compares the selling of "carbon credits" with the selling of indulgences in the medieval Catholic Church. A taste:

The modern trade is as fantastical as the medieval one. There is still zero empirical evidence that anthropogenic production of carbon dioxide is making any measurable contribution to the world’s present warming trend. The greenhouse fearmongers rely on unverified, crudely oversimplified models to finger mankind’s sinful contribution--and carbon trafficking, just like the old indulgences, is powered by guilt, credulity, cynicism and greed.

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Can't remember names right now, but I've seen a lot of bloggers make that analogy.

It's an interesting thought. Both the Pope and Al Gore played on the fears of people. Perhaps soon we may see a "Reformation" that seeks to correct what's wrong here.

Ah, but don't forget that the Church never renounced indulgences as such, only the selling of them for profit and greed. I don't know what that does to the metaphor but it makes my brain hurt.

Leftist can never resist a chance to take a swipe at the Church, but Cockburn has been strong from the beginning on global warming. This article is about as good as they get for stating the anti-human causation case.

Did anyone catch Glenn Beck's documentary last night on this specific topic? To play off of Phil's comment, who would you consider to be the Martin Luther to this Reformation?

Who would stand up to denounce the nonsense? I doubt any GOP candidate is brave enough to do so right now. We may have to wait till after the election...?

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