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And I had to settle for wearing a monocle at my wedding

Apparently at this site you can arrange for a platoon of Imperial Stormtroopers to show up at a wedding, birthday party, bar mitzvah, or other event.

This OSU student (Facebook registration required) made a deal with his bride-to-be--if he could get 10,000 members to join his Facebook group he could have stormtroopers at his wedding. He made that goal within two weeks. Now he’s shooting for another 20,000; if he gets there he’s allowed to have the Imperial March played at the wedding as well.

Is it just me, or is it a heck of a lot easier to be a geek these days than it was when I was in college?

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I don't know the people involved, but isn't this marriage clearly doomed already?

I would much rather have representatives from Starfleet at my wedding.

piker62, you never know. At my husband's twenty-fifth high school reunion a couple came up to him, the woman having been a classmate. She gushed about how he had changed her life by introducing her to The Lord of the Rings. She and her husband had married right after high school and had lived their lives around Tolkien's "principles and philosophy of life". They had four children: Frodo, Merry (actually a girl), Sam, and Pippin. They seemed as happy as they could be, if a little odd. Hobbity geekdom seemed to have made for a very successful marriage.

I was an early member of the group (600ish). Basically "membership" in the group was somewhat exponential. The more people joined the faster the rate of new "members". So I would agree that, yes, it is much easier being a geek these days.

Whether or not the marriage is doomed remains to be seen. I'm single, but almost every stable married couple I know tells me a good sense of humor is critical (though not sufficient) to the longevity of the marriage.

Hahaha. I joined that facebook group until it reached 10,000; then I left. But, anyways, the 501st Legion is pretty cool. I know some guys who are in it. They were all very excited earlier this year when George Lucas paid for a large group of them (some coming from other countries like Italy) to march in the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California, at New Year's. It was pretty cool..

And, for the record, Star Wars is way better than what little Star Trek I've seen. :p

Kate, I usually really appreciate your comments, but what you wrote this time is just downright frightening! I am a huge LOTR fan but . . . yikes!

Tony, yes. My husband suffered from the guilt of the former classmate's revelation all evening and for days afterwards. At least those folks seemed happy and well-matched.

That was rough, but it was much better than the hairy and clearly still pot-headed reunioner who boldly reminded my husband who had sold him his first bag of marijuana with a "Hey, man! Remember me?" It was a horrible evening.

Which is to say, there is geekdom and then there are other and far worse follies.

No, Kate, I think this couple's attempt to repopulate the Shire is MUCH scarier than the pothead. Who would do such a thing to their children? I wonder if these kids have friends named Svipdag and Plankton. Truly awful, particularly for Frodo and Pippin. I mean, you can't even shorten Frodo..."Hi, I'm Frod."

You know, I think that many girlfriends/wives are quite OK with their nerdy adult husbands because their video games, board games, and DVD sets keep them at home instead of out gallavanting around bars with their friends. In effect, the "nerd" population of our up-and-coming generation of men is quite domesticated. The nerdy guys are happy to stay in with the lady-friend on a Saturday night, so long as she understands this will inevitably include a couple hours of in front of a computer/TV screen. I know some newly-weds who play World of Warcraft online together. It seems the women are willing to let the men indulge in silly hobbies so long as they're doing it with them. (The storm troopers at the wedding aren't a big problem so long as there is a wedding).

I think "Fro" would work better. People name their children all sorts of things these days. Our church meets in a local middle school and the names on papers tacked to the walls are really amazing: Conan Steigerwald, Zephyr Arnold, Charmainia Jones. Those are some immediately memorable ones. Unique names are the mode.

Andrew, you are quite right. Most women would put up with nerdy foolishness if it were an indication of faithfulness.

My wife BETTER allow me to name my children:

Ajax, Odysseus, Hector, Joaquim (wha-keem)(just because the name is amazing), and Penelope.

Shortened to:

A.J., Ody, err how do you shorten Hector?, Wha, Penny.

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