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Barone Says the Immigration Compromise Is Progress

To be fair and balanced, we should take notice when the astute Michael attempts to correct common conservative opinion. (Thanks again to Ivan the K.)

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He admits he hasn't read the whole text of the legislation. Come on, if you are going to endorse something, shouldn't you have read it? I read a good bit of it (thanks to Hewitt) -- how could anyone endorse this?

I'm with Dain in saying that from what I know so far, yes, thanks mainly to Hugh, it's a bad deal. Barone's article does make me think that there could be a conservative case for accepting the deal due it being better than the continued drift of the status quo. But such a case has got to forthrightly admit the crap that's in the bill (or rather, the enforecment provisions that ain't), and then explain why the bill is the lesser of many evils. Barone doesn't make that case here.

Barone's perspective should never be dismissed, on any topic. In partial defense of the Kennedy-Bush package, one can point out that a Democratic Congress, coupled with a Democratic president, would probably impose something considerably worse, with even less Republican input. However, we should not despair of the possibility that a Republican president who understands the immigration issue, and agrees with the Republican base's general perspective on it, will be elected next year. In which case, he might get a better deal even from a Democratic Congress. In addition, given that the current power structure in Washington will not give us a good bill, we do not want to saddle ourselves for years with lousy legislation, nor do we want to give up immigration as a Republican issue for '08.

Democratic Congress, coupled with a Democratic president, would probably impose something considerably worse,

I doubt that very much. A number of factors work against that happening. For one thing, the Republicans would be much more united against it. In which case, the Dems would be much less likely to implement hugly unpopular legislation without any GOP cover. The current set-up, with the most open borders President in history combined with a Democratic Congress, is the perfect storm on immigration. If this does not pass now, it will never pass.

I agree with John...conservative vulnerability is here and now, mostly because of Bush. Believing otherwise is simply more wishful thinking, the last thing we need.

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