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Here’s the Pro-Fred WEEKLY STANDARD article

...that Carl linked in the thread below. Well, I didn’t see the debate either (because I was listening to Bernard Lewis instead at ISI), but it didn’t seem to help Romney or Giuliani or anyone else. And so eyes are increasingly turning to the smart and eloquent Thompson, who may, in truth, actually be underpolling at this point.

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I do not concur.

Can you name me the last candidate who won the nomination WITHOUT participating in the primary debates? Either party will do.

Thompson and Gingrich are only deluding themselves that they appear more statesmanlike and dignified by declining to declare.

I don't think Thompson is underpolling, if anything, I have a strong suspicion that he is a flower that is already fading.

The Mormon helped himself last night, and did so at the expense of who? He did so at the expense of Giuliani, and at the expense of a future Gingrich or Thompson candidacy.

Think of it this way. Several weeks ago, Romney blundered before the Cuban-American community by repeating Castro's favourite pet phrase. Just this week, he blunders again by professing fondness for the works of L. Ron Hubbard. His numbers were going nowhere, and nowhere fast. And slowly but surely his donors were beginning to look for the back door. Romney was ripe to be polished off. But look what happens, Romney gave himself new life in a single evening. WHY?


All because Giuliani went out there and acted like an overly confident, overly comfortable frontrunner. Instead of sealing the deal rapidly, Giuliani ensured himself a horserace. He'll have to fight for the nomination now.

Who else helped himself last night? A man angling for the VP nomination, Duncan Hunter.

Several candidates ensured themselves further review, guys like Huckabee for instance.

Last night didn't reveal who is going to win the thing. BUT last night did ensure that we're going to have one hell of a horserace.

And all because Rudy Giuliani decided to mail it in.

Giuliani's staff needs to be shaken up big time. People should be fired for allowing him to go out there as he did last night.

I'm still wondering whether candidates like Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Fred Thompson really have the eloquence that many of us attribute to them.

Obama often gives hints of eloquence, but listen more closely, and he's heavy on delivery, light on words. Even his delivery took a beating at the recent debate.

On the other hand, Thompson has been good with a script. Because we've heard him so often with prose prepared perfectly, we assume he's good with words. Perhaps he is. Or perhaps he avoids debates because he isn't.

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