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Is Cheney Betting on Bad Economic News?

According to Pat Deneen Dick is putting his money on the prediction that the global assets bubble is about to burst. I’ll be the first to say that Pat’s "limits to growth" analysis here is probably too dismal and dramatic to really be science, but there’s a huge difference between exaggerating and being completely wrong. Is there something to Pat’s warning?

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I'm a big fan of Deneen and there's apparently plenty of reason to expect a significant global downturn but his economic eschatology seems a bit unhinged.

I too am a fan, but Patrick should beware of the lures of punditry. There is such a thing as writing too much.

And I have to say that I resent everything always being called a "Ponzi" scheme. Maybe I should have listened to the feminists and kept my maiden name!

A lot of what's happening in the commodities market is Chinese demand and the resultant craziness in the futures market. Everything is WAY up, including copper, aluminium, and of course oil. So long as Chinese demand remains strong, I don't see much change happening. On the other hand, the Chinese system (heavy-handed governmental control of labor, multinational investment) is very fragile. After 2008 I'd watch my assets.

Julie - If you HAD listened to the feminists, I think you would now refer to your "maiden" name as your "birth" name.

If Julie had really listened to the feminists she wouldn't even be talking about her "birth" name--it'd just be her name.

I suppose it would depend on when she began listening. Which, of course, she has not, yet.....

This discussion may appear a bit inane, but it sure beats grading 70 papers and 35 Blue Books!

Later, I plan to straighten my shelves.

And don't forget that sock drawer, Fung!

Deneen sounds downright Buchananite in that piece.

Well, yea...Buchanan's right. Have you seen what's happened to median wages in this country, of the real average wages of the poorest 50%? Globalization may have been good for WalMart, but it sure hasn't helped the American working class.

Indeed, gentlemen, if I had really listened to the feminists (and my mother had as well) I might not have a maiden name or a birth name or a last name or a surname at all! My maiden name was my father's name, after all, and as such isn't it a symbol of the oppression of women by men? But going by "Julie" alone would be a bit confusing and wouldn't even have worked in elementary school as there were at least 3 other Julies there. Perhaps we should just let people choose their own "second" names (I have actually seen that term on an form)--or name them as the Indians (I mean, Native Americans) did--inspired by some great ability or characteristic they possess? In that case I'm sure we could come up with some very interesting choices. But in the interest of civility, please refrain from offering suggestions!

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