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Let’s Play "Guess the News Source"

Pop quiz time:

Q. Where would you find a headline reading "Venezuela Pulls Control from Big Oil"?

a) An organ of the Venezuelan Propaganda Ministry.

b) An organ of the Cuban Propaganda Ministry.

c) CNN.

To find the answer, go HERE.

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Answer: D - The same place where you'd find an integral link to an "Eyeopener" telling readers "If you don’t like what Hugo Chavez is doing today, and you shouldn’t, boycott Citgo. Don’t buy the Venezuelan gasoline." So, which is worse - describing huge transnational oil companies as "Big Oil" or right-wing activism inserted into news article and posing as journalism? The headline could easily be read a variety of ways. For instance, most readers here would probably read that headline and say "That's an outrage!" Others might see it differently. Saying "Big Oil" is essentially the same thing as saying "big oil companies." They are big, and they are companies that sell oil. If that straightforward headline is "propaganda", then what in the world is every other sentence uttered on FoxNews, or written in the Wall Street Journal? As Mr. Stossel says, give me a break!

My reaction to this is Biblical: "As ye sow, so shall ye reap."

Big Oil has made it clear they are in business to make money. They haven't been forthcoming with any great proposals to save ME money, I know. Ok, fine, they are in this for the $, not the patriotism. So be it. John, why should I care if they are taking a beating at the hands of some Latin American comunista? Gas is gonna be $4 a gallon whatever happens. Hugo will make money, and Big Oil will make money, and me...I'll pay, pay, pay.

It's been a long time since these companies were really "American." That contract has been broken by globalization, corporate greed, government and union stupidities. I don't see much to get patriotic about here.

What we really need to do is drill ANWR and the Gulf of Mexico. Just a small number (relatively speaking) of bpd added to the market could drastically bring down the price of oil. Then we could sit back and watch as the tyrants who run OPEC scramble for a way to keep their oppressed peoples from tearing them to pieces. Viva la revolucion!, indeed.

On a related note, it sounds like this whole so-called Bush Doctrine thing might work after all. Iran HAS to get a bomb or keep Iraq unstable (for them preferably both). From what I understand, they've wasted a lot of money on their nuclear program which Russia is no longer playing ball with, and the crappiness of their economy (and life in general) is making the hoi polloi increasingly intolerant of their leaders. If Iraq can be stabalized (and call me an optimist, but so far so good with the surge) then we may bear witness to the geo-political equivalent of popping a zit.

Gee, I kept yelling: NYTimes, LATimes, Boston Globe, PBS, ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN!
I still think I am more right than whoever designed this question! Heh.

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