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McCain Surging and/or Rudy Fading the key states with the early primaries. (By the way, I too am stunned by Romney’s shamelss appeal to the Scientology vote, although I don’t agree with Steve that the gaffe was anytning near fatal.)

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I don't know. That is one bad novel (though the movie was even worse). There is something wrong with this dynasty...

I called it.

Attentive Conservatives perceive that the surge is gaining traction. Which makes McCain's advocacy of that surge years ago prescient.

The war is THE issue, BOTH for those left and right of the political divide.

McCain's strong advocacy for a tougher war effort is earning him the begrudging respect of Conservatives. And that's beginning to be reflected in the polls.

As for Romney, PETER may have missed a key point that Steve made. Romney is ALREADY suspect because of his Mormonism. He's skating on thin ice with the American people. That being the case, this flirtation with the works of L. Ron Hubbard will simply confirm the opinion that they already have of him.

Romney has a well nigh impossible task before him, explain himself, explain his faith, explain Mormonism. And all the while, beat two certified American heroes, Giuliani and McCain. Romney is going nowhere fast.

Romney's gaffe was only not fatal in that you can't kill a dead man. His campaign has been finished for months, and no one can bring him back no matter how much mouth to mouth you give him.

Dan, McCain has some heroic actions in his past. What has Giuliani done which compares?

John, one may display other forms of courage. I used to think that physical courage was the highest form. But no more. I've seen so many weak politicians that I've come to appreciate MORAL fortitude.

To be sure, few things compare to what McCain went through.

But it takes a great deal of nerve and grit to have implemented the many changes to New York City.

We're not looking for a guy who can endure getting pummeled and tortured. We're looking for a guy to take names and kick ass. We're looking for a guy who'll take a blow torch to that bloated, unresponsive bureaucracy in Washington.

McCain has never demonstrated the type of executive skills we're desperately in need of.

Dan, other than his alleged competence, which I'm inclined to doubt, what about Giuliani's stand on the issues?

Have you read this?

To summarize, as a matter of policy on major issue after major issue, Giuliani has all the same drawbacks with conservative voters that John McCain has, in addition to carrying the baggage of problematic liberal views on abortion, gay rights, and the Second Amendment. On paper, then, it's hard to see any compelling reason for conservatives to vote for Rudy over John McCain, though they'll be confronted with a laundry list of reasons to vote against him.

You may be looking for someone to "take names and kick ass". But some people are less concerned with kicking the other sides ass and more concerned with the policies which best serve the country. And on that scale Rudy comes up pretty light.

You seem to think that Rudy is the Scourge of the Liberals. Why do you think that? Heck, he practically is one himself.

Liberals don't crack down on crime, because they deem criminals as much victims as perps. It wasn't a liberal who swept the sex industry off the streets of the Big Apple. It wasn't a liberal who purged the strip clubs from Times Square. It wasn't a lib who swept the squeegee men off the streets. It wasn't a liberal who envisioned indicting the Mafia Commission as a whole.

If you prefer someone else for the nomination, fine. But don't try to sell us some whitewashed version of what Giuliani accomplished in New York City.

He took a city that well nigh all the cognoscenti concluded couldn't be governed, and made it an example of sound urban management. He took one of America's most violent cities and made it one of the safest major cities on the planet. That's what he did. And he did it by implementing CONSERVATIVE principles. He CONSERVED the Big Apple, he conserved it for the citizens thereof, the families therein and the tourists that take themselves thereto.

And all of America knows it.

There are four men with a decent chance for the GOP nomination, in no particular order, they are Giuliani, McCain, Gingrich and Thompson.

Now there's your four, take your pick.


Romney didn't make a "shamelss appeal to the Scientology vote" as you claimed. Have you actually read his original quote in context?

"I'm not in favor of his religion by any means," Mr. Romney said. "But he wrote a book called "Battlefield Earth" that was a very fun science-fiction book." Asked about his favorite book, Mr. Romney cited the Bible.

There are four men with a decent chance for the GOP nomination, in no particular order, they are Giuliani, McCain, Gingrich and Thompson.

Why should I vote for any of these four men?

He took one of America's most violent cities and made it one of the safest major cities on the planet.

I suppose he had some part in that. But crime dropped all across America, in every city and state, at the same time Rudy was mayor of NYC. Should we alter the Constitution to allow Bill Clinton to run again?

Why would any self-respecting conservative Republican vote for Rudy? He is merely a liberal in disguise! John makes a good point. What has he done? ...he is more liberal than many dems.

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