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I didn’t watch the debat either, but I understand Chris Matthews stumped Romney (or someone) with the question, "What do you like least about America?"

I’d like to think I would have responded: "Preening journalists like you, Chris." Next question?

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I didn't see the debate (no cable) but I heard bits of it on the radio. Almost every question Matthews asked was dumb and pointless. The only thing dumber than a Matthews question is the GOP official who agreed to have him moderate this "debate." Can't we move beyond swooning over the MSM at this point? Was there no more interesting and serious person to ask--say from the blogosphere? Having Chris Matthews?! Pardon me, but that's so . . . 1990s.

I don't much care for him myself. Perhaps they could get Darrell Hammond pretending to be Chris Matthews next time.

Seriously ... what might possibly have possessed the GOP to run this on MSNBC and allow Chris Matthews to moderate? Is there still a shred of belief within the Republican ranks that the MSM might treat them fairly if the GOP just asks nicely?

We are a little less than a year away from the first official primary. This "debate" should have been held on GOP terms, with the intent of playing to a GOP audience. Hell, they should have taped it and sent out DVDs to everyone on their fundraising mailing list.

Allowing Chris Matthews to moderate is about as dumb as the DNC allowing Sean Hannity to moderate one of their debates.

Sheesh ... stuff like this really makes me wonder who's running the show.

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