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Mitt Continues to Surge in Iowa

Romney has opened up a 12 point lead over McCain. Don’t tell me that his height and good looks have nothing to do with it. Brownback, by the way, is clearly tanking in a state that should be favorable to him.

And on the Democratic side, the "preening weenie" (Edwards) now has a significant lead over both Obama and Clinton, with Richardson hitting double digits for the first time. Again, we see more evidence for members of our species’ hardwired preferences for good looks and expensive haircuts.

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I am not biting on the cutesie Darwinian Larry line.... Who else is there but Romney right now, with McCain driven to remind us of all the reasons we don't like him and Mayor G chickening out on progressing beyond NYC wallpaper? And is RG contesting Iowa at all? Fred could catch fire when he enters because the fact is that Mitt is thorough and smart as a whip and always prepared, but looks too much like a species and not enough like a man with a name (all right I succombed). His appearance at the SC Republican Convention yesterday included elaborate and obvious staging with his wife, noted by all. On the Demo front, the academic liberals I've been talking to are to a "man" seemingly persuaded that Hilary cannot win the general, in part because THEY do not want another Clinton (I in fact think she'd be the strongest candidate and the best choice among the Demos). But I look for Edwards to pose the strongest challenge to her, running to her left and being, OK, the secret heart-throb of the non-Obama groupies on the left (maybe the aging veterans of the "summer of love"). The state convention here in SC did feature a dramatic confrontation between Senators Graham and DeMint over the proposed immigration bill, with DeMint winning going away. Romney's pandering on the issue took second place in my book. One benefit of being in SC: Tomorrow, Chuck Yeager is coming to Spartanburg with Duncan Hunter, so I will be able to shake hands with the original guy with The Right Stuff! I reread Wolfe's account of his exploits today, graduation day at Wofford College. I'd "throw away" my vote on Duncan if the primary were held tomorrow. Enough.

Meeting Mr. Sound Barrier his own! I envy you.

Edwards is a lot more than "good looks and expensive haircuts." He's the most realistic choice for hard-left voters (although he somehow appeals to middle America in Iowa, I guess).

Edwards is the guy to vote for if you really want to see someone push for universal health care, a closing of the rich-poor gap, a curbing of the free market, intense environmental restrictions on corporations, etc.

Yeah, Hillary and Obama pay a little lip service to the hard-left, but not nearly as much as Edwards. I think he actually means it (well . . . at least more than the other two). Again . . . lots more than just a pretty face . . .

I reread your post and I think that if you mean that Edwards is getting middle America (Iowa) votes because he looks pretty, I think you're dead on. Who wants an ugly President in the land of the free and televised?

Sorry I missed that. It's late.

I can now reveal that I don't buy the sociobiological explanation. Edwards is ahead because he's spent the most time in Iowa and because, as Matt says, he found the leftist niche, which includes much of the Gephardt vote. And Romney is getting the "religious right" by default, at least in Iowa.

I live in Iowa and would attribute the Romney surge to his blanketing the airwaves (TV & radio) with a conservative economic spot called "I Like Vetoes." It simultaneously establishes him as a bona fide conservative and distances him from Bush, who has used the veto once. My perception is that no one has more ads in Iowa right now than Romney--not even close.
You can see the spot here:

If you want to understand politics in Iowa, read the Dean of Iowa Politics, David Yepsen:

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