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More change (?) in the evangelical ranks

This article treats Rod Dreher (last I checked, not an evangelical) as a principal analyst and spokesman for evangelicals. It also holds the what I suppose for the writer is the hope that evangelicals will be "evolving" politically, presumably away from the social agenda of the older generation and the Republican Party. As I recently noted, this narrative suffers from some severe blind spots. And the evidence from 2006, with evangelicals still voting overwhelmingly for Republican candidates in a perfectly awful year, doesn’t really support the argument for evolution. (Stay tuned to this site for an article by Mark Silk and John C. Green that goes over the 2006 polling data, finding little movement among evangelicals, but lots among infrequent church attenders, as well as others; the article is available in print, but not yet on the web.)

In other words, the article is for the most part wishful thinking, driven by an agenda.

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Cut and paste from the article: "The young don't have a problem with gay marriage," said Dreher. "As the older conservatives die off, it's not going to be an issue anymore. It's futile to spend our time on this issue. As for abortion though, I'm glad to see 'partial birth' rolled back though we'll never totally get rid of abortion because this is generally a pro-choice country."

One-dimensional (poll the young) analysis of the facts, but most of all, displays a craven spirit. Note the refusal of this self-styled counter-cultural Christian to express any regrets about the conclusion his strategic judgment leads him to. Rod, c'mon, you're better than this malarky.

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