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More good news from Anbar

I saw this USA Today piece at the gym today. Seems like Gen. Petraeus isn’t the only smart guy in the Army, and that there are a few other folks to whom the strategists are paying attention. Too bad the Democrats know better....

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Such cherry-picked indicators of questionable progress are a perfect way to celebrate the 4th anniversary of The Mission having been Accomplished.

One wonders what "might have been" if our bungler-in-chief hadn't stuck with such incompetent fools as Rumsfeld and Casey for so long. As it is, these few bright spots are pathetic, not inspiring. These stories are 3 years too late.
Oops, my mistake, W is still sticking with General Casey. After screwing things up in Iraq, he got promoted to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Now General Petraeus is tasked with trying to save a desperate situation, which is to see of he can overcome the mess left by his current boss.
Apologies to Mr Scanlon, but the mission of regime change in Iraq WAS accomplished 4 years ago, and the Iraqi people, lest we forget, did show that they want a free society based on elections and the rule of law. Unfortunately, the bad guys are ruthless and well organized, and our side has lacked intelligent leadership from the top.

95 dead American soldiers as part of this "good news." No one doubts that the classic counterinsurgency strategies advanced by Petraeus and friends can temper down the violence for a bit. Al-Queda doesn't want to go head to head with the Marines. But then what? They slink away, attack somewhere else, or devise new tactics for attacking these small outposts. Democracies won't fight long, interminable wars. We pulled out of Vietnam and its still there; Iraq will be too. Just Dick Cheney and his friends won't have all the oil. (And last time I looked Chuck Hagel was a of the few with courage to stand up for the truth).

Well, Martin, that means you admit that the future belongs to "asymmetric warriors." Can't beat 'em, no way, huh? Nonsense. The problem is people like you -- too impatient, too defeatist. I will admit that "mistakes have been made," but that only means that it's time to get serious over there. Do what is NEEDED instead of what is politically expedient or politically correct.

And your MoveOn.crack about you have evidence that Cheney is directly profiting from this enterprise?

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