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Professionalism and statements of faith

A colleague sent along this post from Brian Leiter’s blog. It will be interesting to see how the American Philosophical Association deals with institutions whose statements of faith explicitly or implicitly include moral disapproval of homosexual conduct. It looks like the APA has been finessing the question in the past, but there are some, er, philosophers, who don’t regard this question as open to further debate.

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I guess these "philosophers" aren't allowed to consider any knowledge or thought greater than a couple of hundred years old. Aristotle who?

Is this Leiter fellow supposed to be a conservative? I can't really tell from his homepage. The blog comments are just one big PC jihad.

Trust me, Leiter is not a conservative.

After skimming some of the 100+ comments, I got that idea. Donald Livingston or Francis Beckwith he is not. You threw his name out there rather matter-of-factly so I thought maybe he was someone I was supposed to have heard of.

He is famous for his ratings of philosophy departments (which reflect his rather self-satisfied Anglo-American philosophical approach) and infamous (at least in the circles in which I move) for his vitriol about conservatives and especially Straussians.

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