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Rudy prepares to embrace his inner Sandra Day O’Connor

So says the NYT. Will there be a litmus test in the Giuliani Administration?

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You gotta admire Rudy for sticking with what he really believes, but that means he can't and shouldn't win the Republican primaries. It's still not absolutely clear that in his mind "abortion rights" means 14th A. liberty to be resolutely protected by courts. But it probably does.

IF the Times story is true, Rudy not only shouldn't but most likely won't win the nomination. There's much confusion goin' on here. For example, his statement in the California debate (that orignalist justices could or could not overturn Roe) DID in fact logically assume that Roe was wrongly decided, leaving what to do about it to prudence. Why not say that and then go into his routine about states still protecting abortion rights if Roe is overturned? The reliance on blue states to win the nomination could also really cause a split in the party.... IF Rudy wins nonetheless, there could be a bolt.....just a thought.

Well, my wife won't vote for any pro-choice candidate, and I think she's very representative of the sensible Christian Right. I think Rudy has forgotten that he has to sell himself to the base before he can win the POTUS. This seems to me a rookie mistake.

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