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Social conservatives and Republicans

This dust-up between Ramesh Ponnuru and Thomas B. Edsall, prompted by the latter’s article on Giuliani, is illuminating. Needless to say, I agree more with Ponnuru. At the moment, national security ought to overshadow social issues. In addition, electability during an unpopular war ought to be a consideration, even for social conservatives. I’m not sold on anyone yet, but I am convinced that a Clinton or an Obama Administration would be bad for all the causes I hold dear.

Update: E.J. Dionne, Jr. calls a big tent and some creativity a crack-up, repeating his earlier insistence that only purity on abortion can define the Republican Party.

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Dionne's nothing if not intellectually dishonest - why take him seriously?

I think the war overshadows most domestic issues, but not all. There are wedge issues like gay marriage, abortion, and gun control that should be back-burnered, but immigration, deindustrialization, and energy policy cannot wait. In my opinion, our internal strength is vital to facing the Islamofascist threat, and our failure to face these domestic crises is sapping our strength. Any Republican candidate that promotes a straightforward, sensible, and feasible set of policy stances on these three issues could easily become the next POTUS.

" “I don’t object to the goal of bringing such workers here [H1B recipients], even if it causes computer programmers’ wages to drop….” ~ Ramesh Ponnuru

Of course he doesn’t object. Ramesh “Last Chance Armada” Ponnuru hates the real United States, with its British and European past, and wants to turn it into a Calcutta. He has no real loyalty to the original stock of European Americans nor to their well being. Deep down, he’s probably overjoyed when he sees the natives’ wages dropping.

Despite the neocon propaganda, a true nation has always historically been defined by blood and soil, kith and kin. And regardless what people say, they will always act in accordance with this truth. Ponnuru is an outsider, will never be a real Westerner, and thus will always sympathize with the third-world invaders."

Why is national security more important than social issues? On 9/11 more babies died at the hands of the abortionists than died in the attacks. 9/11 has completely warped the perspective of Republicans.

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