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The Secret to Fred’s Timing

It turns out that Thompson would cause HBO insurmountable "equal time" problems if he were to announce his candidacy before the movie/miniseries in which he plays President Grant airs. Another issue: Lost residual payments for his fellow Law-and-Order actors.

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I'm sure that's all true but I wonder how significant a role that plays for FT's own decision. I'm not sure what advantage he gains at this stage by waiting and there are more than a few potential disadvantages. He must believe there's some strategic value in postponing an official announcement because he seems to have made up his mind that he's running.

I'm not a specialist but I don't think the equal time doctrine applies at all. And cable has far fewer rules than broadcasting.

HBO does sell product to broadcasters. So that could be a minor consideration. But this is probably just an overly cautious idea.

Thompson sure doesn't look like good casting for Grant to me. But after Tom Selleck played Eisenhower anything goes.

HBO is under no equal time constraints, so it must be an internal policy. The LAW AND ORDER thing makes sense though, because many stations would be forced to air the other 14 or so years of episodes, the ones without Thompson.

This just demonstrates why actors shouldn't go into politics - the fields are too close. It's like cousins marrying.

You got to be kidding! Actors who turn to politics make great politicians. Does the name Reagan ring a bell. Actors are often great communicators. Thompson certainly is. His grandfatherly qualities are sure to help him win.
Thompson knows people. I think he has a great chance in the GOP if he ever gets around to throwing his name into the hat. He's got a much better chance than Romney, McCain, and even Rudy. I do wish he would hurry up and make up his mind.

I really think that Thompson is going to be set for V.P. if Rudy gets the nomination.

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