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I’ve refrained from blogging much about climate change on this site (I’m posting instead on NRO’s new climate change/enviro website Planet Gore), but this proposal from Ross McKitrick in Canada is elegant and worth noting: let’s have a carbon tax that adjusts quickly with real temperature changes. If temperatures go up as fast the the alarmist models say, the tax will go up fast, too. Of course, global temperatures have been basically flat over the last decade now--the models say they should have gone up about 0.2 degrees C or more--so this tax may call the bluff of the alarmists, because I doubt they’d go for it.

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I'm absolutely for this if there is a guarantee that the money only goes to greenhouse gas enforcement.

The problem with this proposal is that there is about a 50 year lag between the emission of CO2 and the resulting peak in atmospheric temperature.

I see that Planet Gore is a comments-free site, like many right-wing sites. What a great way to avoid being challenged...and embarrassed.

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