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Aborting females

It seems that in India abortion is legal, "but aborting a fetus because of its sex is illegal." It seems a bit complicated: "We recovered an ultrasound machine, equipment for abortions and bones."

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But wait, how can this be news when the beginning of life is subjective?

I mean, really, it is only human when the supposed mother says it is ... right?

Feminism (in this regard) = choice = death of millions of humans and in many cultures that means girls only

Ironic isn't it or could it be a delayed poetic justice?

In terms of game theory, it seems smarter to have abortion to be legal globally but then encourage other tribes to abort their children, so that your own tribe will eventually gain numerical superiority. Arabs are winning at this game. They don't challenge the abortion laws at the UN. They allow all the whites to abort their kids. But they don't abort their own. If Euros and Euro-Americans are to survive, we should encourage the darker races to abort their children, but then we should try to protect our own. This may sound harsh. But it's survival. And look around: we're losing. Just the other day a Hindu priest declared a "race war" against whites, but then said via abortion that the Indian would survive numerically. The white man is going to be an endangered species. Just read Camp of the Saints.

I just want to point out that people who have a problem with feminism, at least it mitigates this problem.

Aristotlean Conservative, your post's conclusion gives me the willies. White folk remain historically the best and most efficient killers of other races. We got nothing to worry about.

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