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Accident and Force face Reflection, Choice and American Greatness

Chris Flannery writes an engaging review of this new collection of essays called Machiavelli’s Liberal Republican Legacy and edited by Paul Rahe. The book includes essays divided into three sections representing three epochs of Machiavelli’s influence: The English Commonwealthmen, The Moderate Enlightenment, and The American Founding. As Flannery indicates, it appears to be something very rare in the world of essay compilations--an extraordinary, ambitious and penetrating book. Look first at Flannery’s review and see if you don’t agree.

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Keep hope alive -- that Cambridge will bring out a paperback edition!

I have that volume--I agree its terrific (I really enjoyed the article on Locke). And as I'm sure everyone knows, Rahe's mammoth work on republicanism is a must have.

Steve Thomas . . . Ouch! I didn't look at the price until you said that. I'm hoping right along with you now (especially since Flannery's already reviewed it!).

This is complete Straussian nonsense. Strauss was a mediocre thinker at best, and his followers are even worse. Strauss had at best a mediocre understanding of Greek, and Bloom's was even worse yet, as he was completely confused by Smyth's Grammar. Strauss wallpapered over the real West, peopled by real Westerners, with left-wing Jacobin abstractions. And this is the worst kind of left-wing radicalism, putting Strauss on par with Trotsky. I consider both of them to be "soft terrorists" of a sort in that they both deliberately wanted to undermine the real West. Strauss and his cabal are anti-Western in the strongest sense. These fifth columnists should be deported from Western soil.

Tell us what you really think, RC. Where should we board the trains?

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