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Andrew McCarthy’s alarm clock

Is ringing. A sample:

Militant Islam, you see, is mustered in Iraq, where al Qaeda — the inspiration for Defreitas and his cohorts — has called America out. Like Defreitas & Co., Osama bin Laden and his ranks see themselves in a world war between the United States and a vision of Islam shared by tens of millions. (Think one-in-four, writ large). Iraq, they have decided, is their frontline, though very far from their only line. Everywhere, America is their target. Everywhere, terror — the indiscriminate slaughter of innocent men, women, and children — is their weapon of choice.

For the new Democratic Congress and its growing wake of jittery Republicans, that turns out to be a choice worth living with. Oh yes, they’ll sputter about how barbaric and unsavory it all is. But, like those one in four Muslim males, they’re prepared to let terror rule the day. That’s the plan: Al Qaeda blows up things and people; we leave, grumbling all the way home about civil wars and intractable hatreds between the Religion of Peace’s murderous sects; and al Qaeda triumphs … with bin Laden reminding his acolytes: See, I told you, they’re a paper tiger — make it bloody for them and we win.

Naturally, we’ll tell ourselves they’re not winning at all. They want Iraq? Let ‘em have it. Just like — when they killed enough of us — we let ’em have Lebanon in 1983 and Somalia in 1993. Who, after all, needs these hellholes?

Except … militant Islam doesn’t just want the hellholes. It wants everything. It will take the hellholes. For now. But don’t think for a second they’ll be appeased.

Read the whole thing to be reminded of the urgency of our situation.

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If it were up to McCarthy, we'd already be in a war against Iran, partly to prove to the evildoers that we have "will." I'm not sure why anyone takes him seriously.

The Iranians ARE ALREADY at war with the United States.

They've blown up our troops.

They've disfigured our troops.

They've maimed our troops.

They've killed our troops.

Even right now, this Sunday afternoon, there are men navigating corridors in military hospitals, trying to accustom themselves to the prosthetic devices that they will be wearing the rest of their lives, AND ALL BECAUSE OF THE IRANIANS.

Yet some suggest that we are not at war with the Iranians.

The Iranians aren't even waging a proxy war against us in Iraq, they're DIRECTLY participating, DIRECTLY planting bombs, DIRECTLY sniping at our men.

It's difficult to imagine what more the Iranians could possibly be doing, that they aren't ALREADY doing, to demonstrate to one and all that they hate us, think themselves superior to us. Weekly, WEEKLY, they make one satanic genocidal statement after another. Those statements aren't just made by their lunatic President, they're made by the supposed "moderates" that our whifty State Department places so much trust in.

It's time, LONG PAST TIME, for us to unload on Tehran.

A pretty good analysis of McCarthy's rant can be found here.

Why isn't the fact that Iraq is now the frontline not evidence that it was a mistake to invade there in the first place?

Also, isn't the plot to blow up JFK further evidence that this is a law enforcement, intelligence and IMMIGRATION issue and not primarily a military issue.

At first I thought there was a difference of opinion on the right on the best way to fight terrorism/ensure America's safety. Paleos like me saying withdraw from the region and the world and practice non-intervention. Others supporting a policy of intervention. But for some like McCarthy this is way beyond intervention is the best policy. It has become an irrational, hysterical demonization of Muslims. The policy amounts to just kill a lot of Muslims. "Break their will." What are the objectives? What are the goals? Who knows? Who cares? Just kill some more Muslims. This is bloodthirsty jingoism. This is the advocacy of genocide, and I find it highly disturbing. And I find it completely incompatible with Christian thought or conservative thought rightly understood. It is a blight on the right, and it discredits us. It is a cartoon character caricature of rational thought.

If the point is just to “break their will,” then why not just nuke ‘em and get it over with? Why all this mamby- pamby invasion stuff.

And it has yet to be demonstrated to me how even if we laid waste to half the Islamic world that would make terrorism here less likely, since terrorism by definition is an irregular tactic. If we manage to kill enough Muslims to satisfy the blood lust of the McCarthy’s of this world, how does that make us safer? Wouldn’t it make them even madder at us? Oh yeah, I forgot. Their will would be broken. Whatever. This kind of irrationality is impenetrable to reason.

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