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Remember Cheryl Crow telling us a few weeks ago that we should combat global warming by using only one square of toilet paper in the bathroom (which prompted the classic Mark Steyn line that the new slogan of Left is apparently, "All we are saying, is give one piece a chance")?

Crow later said she was joking, but the Worldwatch Institute isn’t. In the current issue of their magazine, they argue that Americans, with only 5 percent of the world’s population, consume something like 25 percent of the world’s toilet paper. Or something silly like that. Sayeth Worldwatch: "the reality behind the tissue’s consumption is no joke."

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That explains why foreigners smell like crap.

That's one of the funniest things I've ever read on here. Well played, Hal.

And is that why the only consistent advice I ever got about foreign travel while in college was BYOTP. It was good advice--though not very practical. But perhaps this explains why they don't use much? I actually heard a guy on a local show out here claim that it is neither good for the environment nor sanitary to the person to use any toilet paper whatever. He claimed that one should use soap and water after every use--perhaps with a bidet? But what would be the environmental catastrophe of widespread use of that advice? Water shortages, too much use of soap and pollution in the soil . . . oh, the horrors. No, the best advice for the environmentally conscious is just to "hold it."

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