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Cleared the Schedule . . . ?

Al Gore has cleared his schedule for the next 6 months, lost a good bit of weight, and has this big extravaganza planned for next week . . . Hmmmm. Any predictions, Steve?

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I have thought for a while that Gore needed three conditions to jump in the race. First, he would like to run as the most recent recipient of the (devalued) Nobel Peace Prize. He may be on track for that. Second, he'd want to run an unconventional campaign (see this article from FastCompany magazine), which he can do partly with his own money (he's worth an estimated $100 million at least--the Clintons must wonder why they haven't done as well as Al); the elongated campaign schedule this year may help him in this regard.

The third condition is the key, though: he needs to sense some weakness in Hillary, some sense that he can take her down without a brutal head-to-head fight with the Clinton mafia. This does not look to be in prospect. Hillary seems to be getting a stranglehold on the nomination. But some general poll numbers looks bad, so perhaps Gore will throw the dice and fight with the Clintons anyway.

If Al Gore kept his traditional anti-immigration stance that he had way back when he was in the Senate, I'd vote for him over McCain, Giuliani, Romney or Fred "Council on Foreign Relations" Thompson. Americans for Better Immigration gave Gore a career grade of A-, much better than they gave Thompson. Unfortunately, I think that riding shotgun to 8 years of Clinton's neoliberal globalism probably put the coffin nail in Gore's older views. See:

This, via Power Line, casts some doubt on the Gore story.

I think that if Gore enters, he'll split a lot of Clinton's votes and seal the deal for Obama to win the nomination.

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