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Democrats and abortion

Melinda Henneberger thinks that a reflexively pro-choice Democratic Party drives all too many Catholic women into the arms of the Republicans. Let’s hope the Democrats don’t take her advice.

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The article has this: Many of them, Catholic women in particular, are liberal, deep-in-their-heart Democrats who support social spending, who opposed the war from the start and who cross their arms over their chests reflexively when they say the word “Republican.”

I doubt seriously that anyone who fits that description would ever vote Republican, or for that matter not vote Democrat just because of a pro-choice stance by the party itself.

Maybe we should hope that the Democrats DO take her advice. Then maybe there could be some actual political movement to curb abortions. Would the fallout of victories by Democrats really be so bad as to negate such possibilities?


You're right. I would love to see Republicans worried about holding onto pro-life votes and to see Democrats face their wrath of their liberationist wing.

I ain't ever going back to the Democrats, as I've read too much of Tocqueville, the Founders, and the Progressives.

But to wake up to a world in which the Democrats said "big tent" and "dissent is permitted" as far as abortion and related issues, in which they admitted that Roe, Lawrence, and Goodridge are bad jurisprudence, and that some form of orginalism is necessary, and in which they called off their growing pack of attack-orthodox-religion dogs, oh what a wonderful day that would be, a day in which my worries for the future would greatly subside.

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