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Excuse me for asking . . . but

. . . why is there no asking of obvious questions in this case? Like, for example, why were teenagers able to orchestrate a party at a hotel on New Year’s Eve with alcohol and marijuana and sex? Why weren’t their parents arrested for negligence? I’m glad the boy won’t go to jail, of course. But if the girl had been my daughter he would probably see worse (and she wouldn’t see much else until she were 30). Laws and trials are not suited to answer these kinds of problems. The absurdities in this story are too numerous to mention. Clearly, something was amiss here. One of the people responsible, is mentioned in the story. When parents are not up to their responsibilities and choose to ignore or cannot perform them, they should be required to compensate society for our time and efforts on behalf of their miserable brats. I’m not sure what that woman owes Georgia, but its at least an apology.

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If laws and trials are not suited to answer these kinds of problems, the why the demand for arresting the parents?

I wasn't really demanding it . . . just wondering why there was a rush to arrest the kid and not the real culprits--the idiot parents of these rotten brats. In that, I think I was pointing to the inadequacy of the law. I think I do really believe that the laws and courts are incompetent to handle these kinds of matters. If the only sense of "wrongness" here is that the acts were "technically illegal" then what can laws and courts really hope to achieve? We fill up our courts and our jails with people who have harmed only themselves and others who are similarly incapable of feeling the harm that they do. If society becomes this depraved and incompetent, at some point, is it not reasonable to ask whether there was any virtue to be assaulted in the first place?

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