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Fred’s Not Quite Ahead

...but he’s only a few points behind the fading Giuliani in the latest poll. Romney and McCain are still polling respectably, although Mitt isn’t surging and John’s negatives are. Four promising but obviously flawed candidates are bunched together. At this point, Fred does have the momementum and the most potential to break away from the pack, but that may just be because he’s the new guy in town. We’re in for a long campaign, and it’s already sort of boring.

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For a mainstream Republican what is Fred Thompson's "ovious flaw?" His lack of experience? He arguably has more relevant experience than Rudy.

Any thoughts on the possibility this may be the year nobody breaks away? I just have a feeling.....and a dream of a Rep. Convention that changes the rule on binding delegates to primary results. But the latter probably will not happen regardless.

This is shaping up to be another race where every candidate is bad news, and the only question is who do you vote for who will block the one who is worse news. I already feel this way and we're a year and a half from the election. And the real mudslinging hasn't even begun yet!

Thompson's flaw? Creepy trophy wife. His strength? Refuses to articulate a platform.

Sort of boring?

I agree that the campaign is not particularly interesting, at least at this point. But it's enormously important, and it will remain enormously important right through Election Day.

Thompson's campaign was over before it began, the moment he critcized the Immigration Reform Bill championed by our Commander-in-Chief. Anyone who holds such racist, nativist views, and is disloyal to boot, will never get true support from the rank-and-file.

Ha ha ha. Good one TA!

If this be "racism," let us make the most of it.

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